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This morning on the way to college. The sun had not even risen. Saw a minor accident. The motorcycle was lying on the road, in the middle of rush hour jam. Typically, cars slow to watch the real life drama behind their windows, passive audience. The cyclist or perhaps the pillion rider was lying under the bike. Two helmeted men were helping – one lifted the motorcycle, the other hoisting the injured man/student? He was wearing dark pants and white shirt. The sight of his limp body being hoisted was chilling. First thing that came to mind was, “Should stop and offer help. After all hospital is on the way to college”. But didn’t help. Because was too afraid of obstructing traffic.

What the hell is wrong with you?

You are justifying your apathy with traffic? What’s bloody more important, hundreds of cars on the way to a capitalist rat race or a person who needs immediate medical attention?

Words. They’re just words.

Guilt drove the rest of the way to college. Tried to console self with stories of cons who pretend to have an accident then cheat the kind Samaritan. That if went to help, possibly am putting own safety and pride at risk. Imagining how stupid would feel if kindness was exploited by cons. But deep down, know that that accident was real. Selfishness over guilt and pride at the end of the day.

It was several hours later, after happily conjugating French verbs and blissfully doing blasted conditionals in English Proficiency, before remembered the heart-squeezing scene before sunrise.

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