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Of course, this is another on the road tale. Sending one of two friends home after watching a certain geisha movie (everybody knows what the critics say about it, so shall we not be pretentious and try to give two cents’ worth about how ‘the movie didn’t do justice to the book’, unlike some la-di-dah people a row behind in the cinema who sniggered and snorted indiscreetly throughout the whole movie – bloody eejits). Anyway, was driving along the main road; school was just over. A car looked like it wanted to turn into main road, so slowed down as to give way, but it chose to wait instead. Suddenly, a boy just rode his bike across just when stepping on accelerator. Jammed the brake and honked for all its worth.

“You tengok betul-betul la, nanti kena langgar!”

Takut saya tau!”

You might infer from words that the tone was a gentle tell off. Actually rolled down the window – er, press the button – and shouted like the most cina auntie. Hell hath no fury like a female driver who barely knocked a fool of a dickhead down.

After driving off, was so furious, was ranting at the top of voice, was cursing to the unfortunate ears of Sesat. Am furious at his stupidity, am livid at the thought of the guilt that would be laid upon self should self knock him despite it being his bloody fucking fault. A similar incident happened last Monday at the same area, except that it was dark and was speeding a little. That does not justify the act of a stupid boy riding in the dark with no lights on should he be knocked down, however.

Before the movie, was driving home from college when clipped Satria’s ear again. This time, another Purple Proton Wira. Not an aeroback though. Clipped his ear too.

Have had many near accidents this week. Why? Why?

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