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Yes. Am an incurable shopaholic. Even if am shopping alone, it is satisfying as long as have bought something so gorgeous that cannot wait to get home and try it on. Sometimes article does not make it home in its bag safely – it is already worn by excited shopaholic of an owner before leaving her second home.

Today watched the most fucking freaky horror movie with Angel. Bloody awesome! Gruesome, bloodcurdling, extremely disturbing. A phobic-ful movie: fear of the dark (lygophobia), fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia), fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of falling (basophobia), fear of getting lost (lostophobia), fear of monstrous creatures (teratophobia), fear of killing (kilophobia), fear of dying (thanatophobia), fear of shopping (shoppophobia)… the last one was made up, obviously, as well as some phobias (guess). This is the freakiest horror movie that have watched. The Exorcist didn’t do anything for self (possibly because the beginning was so frighteningly dull that just skipped to the part where Linda Blair vomits and turns her head three sixty), The Omen was not commendable (horrifyingly slow plot – had to return it to the video shop for Grease: at least that is an entertaining classic), The Skeleton Key was mildly entertaining (Kate Hudson – extremely entertaining. Paired with a vegetative old man? Not at all.)… is it necessary to go on? (Hmm, but seem to be comparing ghost movies with horror… never mind, they all freak self out anyway)

Love horror movies for that thrill they give. But absolutely loathe that most horror movies have bad endings. Victim(s) invariably end up dead / decapitated / eaten / possessed / whatever. Am a hopeless romantic – always want happy endings for all movies watched. So when buying VCDs (original okay) always try to pick classics (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) or something recent that really liked (planning to buy King Kong – so it’s nonsensical, so what? Adrien Brody is hot) with happy endings. Of course there are the exceptions (The Godfather, Moulin Rouge, Titanic – don’t snigger, it didn’t rake more than a billion dollars at the box office for being schmaltzy).

But have digressed.

After the movie, walked around the mall in hopes of looking for a gift for sesat person who is graduating next week. This particular mall is an air-conditioned pasar malam without the food. You obviously cannot get anything gift-worthy for a graduate there. But! We got carried away at this jewellery stall with lovely designs and bling-bling to boot! Bought 2 pairs of twinkling earrings for RM40 (the sales assistant gave a generous discount – Chinese New Year promotion) and that’s terrifically cheap, considering the generous amount of shiny stones in earrings! Angel bought 2 pairs of bling-bling studs and a crucifix necklace for RM50! Aaaahhh! Shopaholic orgasm!!!

Still high, that was almost lured to buy Sophie Kinsella’s shopaholic book (Shopaholic Ties the Knot) as you can get a free bag that says ‘shopaholic by sophie kinsella’ with purchase of the book. Thank goodness for shopping angel named Angel who manage to convince self that tacky-looking bag, that no chic, self-respecting shopaholic would buy, with a name on it is not worth buying a thirty-something ringgit book when could patiently wait for book warehouse sale and purchase same book with a 20% discount.

Angel is truly a shopping angel – waits patiently while you try on clothes, helpfully dispenses fashion advice, is undemanding when it comes to choosing places to eat, indefatigably trawls along the mall with you, occasionally spends so as to not make you feel like you’ve dragged her along for company and labour help with the shopping bags like some maid… can you ask for more?

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