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To buy or not to buy?

Should self

  1. be a romantic materialist and start a colourful relationship with a new colour handphone? (Yes, am still using that black-and-white kind, whatever you call it, geriatric of a handphone. Previous attempts at saving for a new handphone will always be inadvertently spent while fulfilling mandatory attendance to an MNG sale or answering an unexpected calling of a pair of heart-tugging shoes / earrings.)
  2. be a mind-numbing practicalist and purchase a long-needed pair of spectacles? Have neglected changing spectacles with the recommended frequency of a World Cup as am wearing contact lenses. Current decaying pair of frames was last bought when was a mere babe of 14 years old; lenses was last change when was a larger babe of 17 years old. And would celebrate 21st in a matter of months! Meaning spectacle frames would be 7 years old! 84 months! 2,520 days! 60,480 hours! Talk about getting your money’s worth!! (Or what an incurable shopaholic you are that you cannot even set money aside for a necessity without being lured to purchase temporary satisfaction from fashion.)
  3. be a tightfisted, penny-pinching miser and just dump all the money in the bank? After all can always withdraw money if really cannot tahan. But the typical trait of a money-stasher is that you cannot bear taking out what you’ve already putten in. Yes, putten. Am hiding under the roof of literary license. (Just paid D RM60 to renew driving license… aaahh, the reluctance!)

Or maybe should buy more underwear. You can never have too many underwear.


Yesterday while counting ang pow collection, notice this really simple, striking dark gold-coloured packet. Hmm, wonder what bank is it from.
In brighter gold, the initials LV.

Louis Vuitton ang pow!


21/2 Yay! Am a romantic materialist – just have got self Nokia 6030. Very minimal functions but so what? It’s colour. Obviously am a n00b and a simpleton in all things techie.

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