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Guess who’s got a posh cow?

Went loitering at the mall with Sesat and Angel.

Bought a gold-coloured nail polish from some stall from an apparently colourblind salesgirl.

S: … want a nude-coloured nail polish, like skin colour.

C: Try this shade. *points at some pink shade on the colour chart*

S: Err, that’s pink.

C: It’s not pink! Come, I show you. *proceeds to paint self’s thumb*

S: *doubtfully* It still looks pink to …

C: It’s not! Never mind, you try this colour then. *paints an even brighter shade of pink on nail*

S: It’s still pink!

C: It’s not! After you colour your nails you can hardly see it!

S: … think … just take this one. *points at gold-coloured nail polish*

C: No, no, you try this one. *opens a bottle of the most garish, tacky pink*

S: … told you … don’t want pink! … just want that nail polish!

Bought a bookmark with glittery cherry blossoms and a keychain that says Born To Shop.

And a pair of Dorothy Perkins cow-print underpants, or is it udderpants (sorry, pun too cute to resist), and the elastic band says Posh Cow.

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