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Why are you so excited?

Eeee, just donated blood for the first time!

And pledged organs!!

Still high from the euphoria of noble deeds.

Can't believe just did something so… charitable, so… good! Imagine, someone will be using self's 300ml donated blood during… surgery! or maybe… emergency! Or if have died, self's eyes / heart / liver / lungs / kidneys / bones / skin will be transplanted onto somebody! The physical self of self lives on! Then maybe the person who received self's eyes would some day bump into M or D or Angel or Sesat and déjà vu happens! Or someone who got self's heart would thump when see self's ex!

This is from someone who is tremendously parsimonious about monetary donations and detests the humdrum of domestic chores!

Who says charity begins at home?

p.s. Learnt a medical jargon! A nurse said, "How to donate blood? This girl just married, every night do SI!" ;))

p.p.s. Before becoming a blood donor, read Annie Proulx's famous
love story. Have yet to watch the movie (am dying to, but don't know if can stomach the love scenes… HAH!) but it's probably as steamy as the short story… the details are pretty lurid. Wish could photocopy the short story, but was reading it in a bookstore, and no way am spending RM26 for a book of short stories, just because am very, er, enthusiastic about an alternative love story. That infamous line is forever stuck in mind now.

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