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As clearly demonstrated, shamefully limited profane abilities.

A tad histrionic for something pretty trivial actually, but this is the culmination of your continual patronising condescension and subtle superiority that is masked by feigned kindness, and that underhanded riposte which was most uncalled for.

To quote a line from the sketch am doing this Monday:

“Kiss my as – paragus”, you damn phony vegetarian.

p.s. Excuse this flabbergasting post. Obviously solely meant for self’s comprehension and vindictive pleasure.

3/4 Am so justified by this stark raving mad rant. Bitch bitch bitch. (Noun, not verb.) Am never going to be taken in by frauds like you. The more you are nice to this girl, the more she sees through you. Just give in to your real emotions, bitch. You hate this girl as much as she does you don’t you? It’s okay to admit that, even Christians are human. You don’t have to act like God’s perfect example all the time.

6/4 Note to self: NEVER, EVER have anything to do with this bitch again.

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