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Am doing a Becky Bloomwood now.

To the unfamiliar, Becky Bloomwood is the irrepressible / irritating protagonist of the chick lit Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. She is infamous for her excessive penchant for shopping which has time and again plunges her into the financial hellhole of overdraft, among other disturbing but hilarious shenanigans. However, it’s not so much her retail addiction that causes her problems but her issues with avoidance and learning how to say ‘no’.

The issue am avoiding: exam come Tuesday.

The Becky Bloomwood symptoms am displaying:

  1. perpetually playing that bubble-popping game by this guy – mindlessly addictive, and even more so when evading from hitting the books.
  2. glancing at notes and books screaming at self to pick them up and dust them off and give them the attention they have not the privilege to receive the entire semester but am totally unmoved by their pleadings and coaxing.
  3. dyeing hair white the natural way by sickeningly worrying and fretting about self’s lack of willpower and motivation to achieve a respectable GPA, which if good enough may even garner a scholarship (to be fair, Becky did not worry herself sick, it’s not a noted quality among bimbos… well, unless it’s about grabbing that last pair of half-priced zebra-print jeans that fit perfectly).
  4. being pettily annoyed by the infrequent updates in blog and remedying the situation by writing this pointless post, because it’s bloody pointless to indulge in leisure pursuits when have an emergency crisis in studies!

Stop it, stop this insanity immediately! Just bloody fucking open those books to ease your conscience, you slothful pigheaded cow!

(urgh, what an imagery that creates.)

p.s. One may well wonder, “Shouldn’t the most basic symptom of a Becky Bloomwood is the uncontrollable desire for unnecessary purchase?” … Self’s shopping desires are quite contained, thank you very much, due to the lack of a plastic!

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