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How, pray tell, can someone who earns a respectable salary, not buy her own bloody fucking shampoo?

How, for the love of spaghetti, can someone who is in her mid-twenties, drives her own fancy car, goes dating with her tasteless boyfriend, doing all the things mature adults do, bloodyfucking nick people’s soap?

How can she, who buys hundreds of ringgit worth of clothes, cares for her car like a baby, treats her boyfriend like a king, NOT BUY HER OWN BLOODYFUCKING TOILETRIES???

How distastefully repulsive can you be.

It’s just unbelievably, mind-bogglingly, amazingly, terrifically incredible, really.

Comments on: "How can some people be so absofuckinglutely cheapskate?" (1)

  1. From my experience with another cheappie, it’s because she has so much money to thrown away she thinks that the money *you* pay for your toiletries is irrelevant.

    sulz: that’s a thought, or perhaps more like not even considering the fact money is used to buy toiletries in this case..

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