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M: Hi, this is McDonald’s delivery service. May I take your order?

S: Yea, … want to order…


S: Hi, it’s 45 minutes already since … order and it has yet to arrive?

M: Ah, miss, delivery can take 45 minutes to one hour to arrive.

S: Ok, so if … don’t get … order by 1.30pm, … will call back. What’s your name?


S: … made an order one hour ago and … have yet to see the shadow of your delivery boy.

M: Ah, miss, you wait, I call the branch that is processing your order…

M: Miss, sorry ah, the branch that is taking your order has only one delivery boy today, so that’s why it’s late.

S: Why are you only telling … this now? Why can’t you tell … this when … am making the order?

M: Because the branch only informed us just now, miss.

S: So it takes two phone calls from … to know that you have one delivery boy? So what time will … order arrive?

M: Your order will arrive as soon as possible, miss.

S: Don’t tell … that, … want to know exactly what time you think … order will arrive?

M: But miss, I’m only from the call centre, I don’t know when will your order be ready. I can tell you your order will arrive as soon as possible.

S: So means if 3pm is your soonest possible, … will have … lunch at 3pm la? Asap can mean anytime! This is inexcusable! … want to talk to your manager!

M: Ok, miss, please hold on…

S: Is this the manager?

M: Yes, miss. What is the problem?

S: *vomits entire gastric-juice-inducing story, occassionally snapping at manager (“Wait, wait, … am not finish!”) for trying to interrupt during tirade*

S: So now, … want to know when will … order arrive?

M: Sorry, miss, I cannot give you a time, because they only have one delivery boy today, but it will arrive as soon as possible.

S: THIS IS INEXCUSABLE! … just want to know when the order will come. Either you give … the time it will arrive or … will cancel … order. You can choose, … won’t choose.

M: Ok, miss, I will call the branch processing your order now.

S: Ok, … will hold on, don’t hang up.

S: (inwardly) No bloody music, don’t know whether he purposely hang up or not… *hangs up after two minutes of silence*


P: Hello, this is Pizza Hut delivery line.

S: Yea, … would like to order.

P: What’s your number, miss?


M: Hello, miss, this is McDonald’s calling regarding your order.

S: Ya?

M: Miss, your order is on the way now.

S: … have waited too long. Just cancel it, … don’t want it anymore.

M: But but miss, your order is on the way already.

S: Ya, but it’s taken more than an hour and … believe have the right to cancel … order. So cancel it. *hangs up*

Bloody fuckers. Can’t give a bloody estimate for the time order will arrive but can tell ten minutes after tirade that order is on the way. Some people just need to be screwed over before they can get the job on the way. Heh, just feeling that lovely gloat at the thought of the food going to waste. (Taken a McD tour around the restaurant before, where they explained that food after a certain amount of time will not be sold because it’s not fresh and thrown away.) Hope the people involved will get a nice screwover.

Comments on: "McDonald’s, are you loving this?" (1)

  1. seems kind of wastefull to me… they were just doing their job, no need to be mean.

    sulz: but that’s what you get for being unprofessional. if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. was working as a sales assistant before, so definitely have experienced this kind of shit too. so don’t think am being mean.

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