blogging gobbledygook and such

Not having to work for 5 days = utterly, spectacularly bored stiff*.
(Not that part-time job is anything fascinating or glamourous, but at least it keeps the mind occupied for half a day from food and … food.)

Reading two books at once with another 4 and a comic waiting in line = mind-numbing.
(Totally love reading, but suspect love for reading is only intensified when done as a means of distraction and procrastination from homework or chore that is to be postponed to the last possible minute. As have nothing mandatory to do presently, reading becomes a chore to self – gasp! Unthinkable! No, no, it’s just the tired mind and eyes protesting am sure…)

Seeing the clinical blue-and-white alma mater that holds all bittersweet memories of secondary school life and angst-y adolescent days unrecognisable in body-waste-yellow-and-brown = nostalgic.
(The heart beams with pride at the first prize pyramid-shaped trophy helped won for a nationwide school competition sitting regally in the newly-constructed trophy cabinet. Who would’ve thought Form Six could be someone’s best years in secondary school? Nobody to call best friend, no particular clique to be associated with, no admirers to be had, yet it was a blissful kind of ignorance and self-absorption in that small little world.)

Having too much time in hands that am inevitably mulling over self’s flaws and trying to strike a balance on the see-saw of praise and deprecation = painfully pointless.
(Well, only until Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model come on tonight … then it’s bitching fest and bitches fest!)

*Speaking of stiff, have finally watched Brokeback Mountain! (Yes, am crude and dirty-minded that way. Like you aren’t in your moments.) Maybe it’s self’s pirated copy that’s so lousy, but can hardly watch the tent-humping scene! How disappointing… Can see more action by reading the short story… But Jake Gyllenhaal is so so so gorgeous if am a guy would totally turn gay to be with him in Brokeback, so no wonder Penis Ennis Del Mar did…

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