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It would be such a waste of trip, right, if did not borrow books while returning some at the library (as well as checking exam results of a beloved subject taught by a behated lecturer, and doing some consoling of sorts by meeting up with a classmate who failed said subject – consoling of sorts, say, because did nothing much but ask “Are you still upset?” and having lunch together at cafeteria) …

Yay, am watching the blue-red game tomorrow night with granduncle PT and D. Think have not watched beloved football team in live action at all this year – pathetic.

p.s. Thank goodness did not fail said subject – one-third of the class did. Quelle horreur! Mean, took that subject for SPM and STPM and got A’s for both! But poor friends, hopefully they won’t be so unfortunate as to have her again when repeating that class. So much for getting a better GPA – and you can bloody kiss the mere notion of the possibility of getting a scholarship next semester. Idealistic nincompoop. [13/5 Heh, it always works – being really pessimistic about something you really want, then really getting it because if you’re really optimistic about it you won’t – but wait, don’t count your chickens before they hatch, scholarship have yet to be obtained. Cross your fingers for me now. Hmm, might have been all the finger-crossing have done when rereading this and others too if you had. Thanks if you did.]

7/5 Some subject results are out – not as bad as feared would be. There’s still hope for a scholarship.

26/5 Yes! Got the result have longed for, and got an A for research paper (no mean feat for a first-year student, mind you)! Have good chance of getting scholarship if what they say is true (that scholarship is given out every semester and not to the same recipients of previous semester for their top GPAs). Just a matter of time! Sure won’t get one… Always dreaming of getting free money, what makes you think you deserve it? Blogging everyday throughout revision week… It’s the achievement of a good GPA that counts, not the money that may come along with it! Don’t be so materialistic like someone you know… Okay, must really stop rambling like the most incoherent idiot.

For some peculiar reason, this girl really believes all those finger-crossing she has done and others who have read might have done had something to do with her results. And good karma, of course. So please humour her and cross your fingers.

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Comments on: "You whine about too much reading yesterday, and what did you do at the library today?" (2)

    I’m interested in the phenomena of the effect of “place” on people and their lives.
    I’d like to find out:
    Why do people live where they do?
    What keeps them there?
    How does the place they live in contribute to their lifestyle?
    What is the most valuable contribution that the place a person lives in makes to their quality of life?
    Share if you dare.

    P.S. I’m posting this because It sounds like you might benefit from taking a journay “outside” if you know what I mean?

    sulz: and how would this girl help you fulfil your interest? =) am not so sure what you mean in your postscript though, care to enlighten this doofus?

  2. Everyone lives somewhere and that means anyone can help me fulfill my interest if they are so inclined. When I go to the library I always find the journey to and fro to be an interesting one. Getting outside and breathing some fresh air (salt air in my case) is elating and feasting my eyes on the panoramic views all around me is also stimulating. The lack of any references to the setting (the place she lives in) in her posts made me wonder what if anything the place she lives in contributes to her lifestyle that she values.

    sulz: Why do people live where they do?
    For self, am living in a suburban town 20 kilometres away from the capital Kuala Lumpur with family. We moved here 15 years ago when it was an up-and-coming town up till its present reputation as one of the best residential areas to live in, despite the horrendous traffic jams (obviously the amenities have something to do with its so-called reputation).

    What keeps them there?
    Money, or the lack thereof to move someplace better. Also convenience – everything is just a stone’s throw away or a drive away, from hospitals to malls to book rental stores.

    How does the place they live in contribute to their lifestyle?
    Food – we hardly have homecooked meals because the mother dislikes cooking and the ‘economy rice’ (chap fan, or rice with a variety of dishes) stalls are just a 5 minute walk from home. So lunches are usually those and dinners are catered food by private home caterers in tiffin carriers. If am tired of the same old dishes, there’s a McDonald’s north, south, east and west from our home, not to mention the various other Chinese restaurants or bakeries.

    What is the most valuable contribution that the place a person lives in makes to their quality of life?
    This is a difficult question – think if one live anywhere in the world one would gain fundamentally the same things as elsewhere, like security and a sense of belonging.

    Hope that manages to answer some of your questions.

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