blogging gobbledygook and such

Maybe because

1. it’s time to go back to work? (Yes, only when work is looming do self actually remember how monotonous and pointless part-time job is. Otherwise, it’s whining about how have nothing to do for the day or nothing to keep mind off food and food. Neurotic.)

2. saw self in the mirror and discovered unusually hideous got-out-of-bed hair? (Usually it looks gorgeous after tossing and turning in lumpy mattress that is bed – when first redecorated the room was going for that Japanese futon look. What was self thinking? Anyway, it’s true, while others’ hair look like shit after bed self’s hair looks so artfully tousled and poofy it looks like it was blow-dried by some professional hairstylist. In fact, it looks better than after daily shampoo. Normally would look in the mirror and think “Ah, if you could only look like that after your bath.” Instead the mirror showed some stupid flat, limp middle-parted hair that makes round face resemble a pomelo. Ugh.)

3. had this strange and irksome dream? (Ms. Androgynous tries to climb up the social hierarchy of class by sucking up and calling a senior ‘Ms President’ – she holds a post in the language club, but not president. Ms Ick suddenly changing circle of friends and hanging with Mr Teen USA, which is weird in reality because they’re both in different courses (that and that he has a girlfriend), but not so weird if you think about their fascination on all things American. Self stuck in a stagnant social position as the perpetual listener to all things gossip. As opposed to being gossip.)

This is obviously some culmination of ennui the past five days.

Comments on: "Why did you wake up this morning feeling so awful?" (1)

  1. You know, I must say that your writing’s pretty good. 😉 Three words: “Impeccable command of English”… (no, make that four).

    sulz: you are too flattering 🙂 there are plenty out there who put self’s proficiency to shame. that said, would like to think am good in english too, considering am majoring it!

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