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Isn’t it peculiar how you can feel physically exhausted after being sapped of your emotional strength by hearing what a burden you are to your family and how ungrateful you are of the sacrifices they made and how ugly you are because you love food more than the average person and how cruel you are for fighting back for your …

In the end, you don’t know what you are fighting back for.

Or if you do, whether is it worth fighting for.

Comments on: "Do your ears ache from Monster’s ranting, or does your heart?" (1)

  1. For years I was small and sickly. I was virually disappearing sapped of my emotional strength from fighting with big mouthed big bellied family bullies who told me what a loser I was because I didn’t love food and live to eat as they did. Then one day in a fit of pique I packed up and moved away like a thief in the night. When they came to visit I fed them only only “rabbit food” no meat and few carbohydrates and as I lived where there was no fast food outlets and very few restaurants I had my revenge. In between visits I grew bigger, stronger and healthier and my mate (the one they said I’d never attract becaue I was too skinny) and I celebrated my freedom and my new body. I like the way you write. Thanks for the opportunity to spill my family guts:).

    sulz: thanks so much for your kind comment. =) you should have a personal blog too to vent and rave about life. but must say we would probably be better off if we just switched families – this family would love your skinny frame and your family would love self’s appetite!

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