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Appeared in the New Idea December 2005 issue in the Children’s World page, submitted by Luke Jones of Urunga, New South Wales:

’Ear, ‘ear…
I drove my seven-year-old daughter to the hospital at 4am with a bad earache. The doctor approached the drowsy girl and asked: “Which ear is it, darling?” to which she replied: “2005.”

In an unrelated incident but equally hilarious, Dee was trying to ask his friend’s Indonesian maid about her health: ”Dia punya periuk masih sakit kah?” (“Is her pot still hurting?”)

Because perut (stomach) and periuk (pot) is not that all different if you really think about it.

AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! *Falling about in hilarity*

Let’s not even mention the time Dee tried to ask the sales assistant in the supermarket for starfruit. ”Sini mana jual buah bintang?” (“Where are the star fruit?” – but starfruit is really belimbing in Malay.)

Her flabbergasted look was quite priceless.

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