blogging gobbledygook and such

Because was actually out all day on a Saturday.

Like normal people do.

Because it’s not normal for people to do their clothes shopping during the weekdays or catch a movie when it’s not the weekend so that watching it will be cheaper, is it?

Because it’s not normal for people to enjoy staying at home on weekends because they can’t stand the traffic jam and crowd at malls, is it?

Anyway, lunched with Sesat and Angel to celebrate Sesat’s 21st. See, we have decided that we wouldn’t buy presents for each other this year (and thus saving lots of what otherwise would be wasted time scouring the malls for the perfect present and hair-pulling moments of wondering what would be the perfect present and exasperating conversations with friends matching schedules to find free time together to shop for the said perfect present). Instead, we would have a very grown-up commemoration befitting the symbol of a 21st birthday by having a meal at the restaurant of the birthday girl’s choice. Of course since one only celebrates their 21st once, one would naturally choose a swanky restaurant to splurge for the occasion.

Sesat’s choice was a buffet – an excellent choice because we (well, can speak for self for certain, but am pretty sure Angel felt the same way too, she’s such an agreeable person like that) really enjoyed ourselves. The conversation wasn’t mind-blowing nor thought-provoking nor friendship-bonding, but one can’t expect great conversations to rise to the occasion. It was lovely (hmm, for some reason self’s vocabulary for describing something really good is merely limited to ‘lovely’ or… no, just ‘lovely’. Sigh, what’s wrong with ‘splendid’, ‘fantastic’, ‘awesome’, et cetera et cetera? Oh honestly, am so easily distracted, please get back to the story.) scuttling back and forth for second and third and fourth (that’s yours truly, les amies aren’t gluttonous like self) helpings for lunch before scampering off for some more ais kacang (twice) and ice-cream (with excessive amount of chocolate chip sprinkles and chocolate sauce on top of chocolate chip and chocolate flavoured ice cream – no guesses whose doing is that) and dessert of course (cheese cake, assorted mini sandwiches, various unnamables). We wanted to stay on till five which is the end of high tea (we started at quarter before one) but by three something we were stuffed more than turkeys during Thanksgiving or freshly sewn fluffy cushions bursting at the seams. So the only logical thing in order was to walk off the bloated tummies at the mall which is adjacent to the hotel having buffet at. Which is only so perfect for self who has yet to end the search for a suitable pair of flip-flops that’s glamourously stylish yet functionally comfortable.

And end the search we did. Cream-coloured thongs with a lovely (there self go again) sheen and disk-shaped Indian-ish pendant (for a lack of a better word) for pattern and a little chic-ness, as well as a teensy bit of height which doesn’t contribute to sore feet after a day of mall-hiking (at least, am hoping). Sigh, what is it about shopping for one particular item that triggers off the need for particular others? Like buying that sugar-free dark chocolate for Dee (because hardly ever go to this mall to shop and may not be going there for some time so may as well buy it even though the one Dee has has yet to finish, because it is only available at this mall… is that easily understood? Ah, like anyone reading this is so finicky about details that only matter to self), or that I Am David VCD because the book is one of self’s most absolute favourite books of all damn time.

… sometimes you just feel there’s no hope for this girl, don’t you?

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