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Like, the more you don’t want to buy anything, and like, the more you see something you absolutely must have. Or vice versa. Bridget Jones’s best friend Shazza would probably call it retail fuckwittage.

But really, for all the exasperation and angst that previous paragraph may contain, this oniomaniac really doesn’t mind. After all, one would always need another scrumptious-looking chocolate brown lace-and-sequin tiered faux suede skirt. Or some much needed pretty-looking boxes to keep documents in, like the sheaf of French notes collected from previous classes and last semester’s elective. And another essential handmade bookmark that says on its cream cardboard paper with a lovely sheen, ‘Read, read, read!’ for her collection of all things papyrus, like postcards, said bookmarks and just yesterday cards received by people sent for past ancient Christmases, Chinese New Years and Happy Birthdays and Happy Anniversaries because found a pile of it while cleaning out a chest of drawers and thought such a waste it would be if all these lovely cards were to be thrown away because parents couldn’t care less for them. Never mind, am keeping them and start another collection! And this really is good, because am collecting cards that have to be given to the family as opposed to buying cards for the collection!

This shopaholic will have you know that she managed to exert self-control quite effortlessly and not buy the prettiest dragonfly necklace from the flea market (the fact that the girl running the store refused to haggle with self might have something to do with that, mean, that’s the whole point of a flea market right? If you don’t like hagglers open a bloody shop). See, she’s not addicted to shopping or, like, obsessed or something.

And yet the bank account from which she gets her education loan money is curiously RM150 less…

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