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What stinks?

Oh, the irony when someone who has BO claims someone else reeks of BO…

(A claim not entirely unfounded, granted.)

One has that perpetual retch-inspiring cloud of armpit stench, while the other has a rancid, sour when-you-don’t-brush-your-teeth-after-waking-up kind of pong.

*cough cough gag*

The practical yet diplomatic solution is to just breathe through one’s mouth, but the possibility of that smell even going through one’s breathing passage makes one want to stop breathing in their presence, period.

And how do you answer a person who has BO who asks you how to tell someone about his / her BO?

And how does one know if one does or doesn’t have BO? Obviously people just can’t detect their own smell, otherwise we wouldn’t have such a stinking problem.

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