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If you saw a girl walking down the street singing doo ah dee deedum dee deedoo at the sleepy time of half past two, eyes and nose transfixed by her Harry Potter book (intermittently looking up to ensure she doesn’t walk straight onto a speeding car or trip over a stone, of course; she doesn’t have eyes on top of her head, you know), that’s yours truly on the way home after watching a certain hyped-up, controversial movie.

She starts her day early, getting a ride from her father to that place she goes every week to do that thing she does every week while he runs his errands and meets a client, before he drops her off at a certain lousy mall only good for watching movies because it’s cheap a little more than half an hour before the movie was scheduled to start. She drops by some bookstores to while away the little minutes, indulges by buying a bookmark and then getting her favourite movie snack, kebab (extra RM1 for a large one). She rushes several floors up to the cinema because she likes to sit down before the previews start.

At the cinema, she plonks herself at the aisle seat she chose because she likes an easy exit, opens up her kebab wrapper ready for consumption the instant the previews start (and finished before the movie even starts, while she wistfully listens to the chomping of popcorn and slugging of Coke, half-wishing she didn’t gobble her food down just because she did not have any breakfast) and promptly reads whatever book that is lucky to be chosen as pre-movie companion, or rather a guise, because often conversation around her before the movie is more interesting than literature action. Take example today’s movie, she hears two cina apeks talking.

CA1: Em chi mi yeh kam hou tai li kor hei. (Don’t know what’s so good about this movie.)

CA2: Hai loh. Ngo keng tai li kor hei tou em meng hei tei kong mat. (Ya la. I’m afraid I won’t understand what they’re going to say in the movie.)

She wonders why are they there in the first place?

Strangely for an early Wednesday afternoon, the cinema is half full, and one-third are practically approaching senior citizenship if not already are. And she is not the only rare cinema-goer that came alone, there are about half a dozen individuals who are watching the movie alone. Hmm, curious church-going people making a clandestine trip to the cinema to watch a Christianly condemned movie?

She won’t talk about the movie because this post is about a typical day at the movies and not about the movie itself. (That, and she makes a lousy movie reviewer because it does not take much to entertain her and her low tolerance for unnecessary romantic displays of affection.) She wants to add though that the reason she wants to watch this movie is merely because she has read the book and she likes the lead actor and the European setting.

Movie over, she briskly walks home to refrain from impulse purchases (bookmark is exception, it’s for collection). At the corner of her eye while read-walking, the goreng pisang (banana fritters) guy gawks at her.

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