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spotted dick
Hmm, well-cooked and consistently spotted, but where are the meaty balls?

Sourced from Wikipedia

Spotted Dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit, usually currants. The dessert is especially popular in the United Kingdom, usually served either with custard or with butter and brown sugar. Spotted refers to the currants (which resemble spots), and Dick is a corruption of the word dough.

Why is a spotted dick named as such

Eating nasi lemak with Ms Nut and J at Ms Nut’s home. On the table was also served some Malay kuih with bits of prunes in it, not unlike fruit cake.

S: What’s that? *pointing at cake* Spotted dick? *in jest*

Ms Nut & J: Gasp! *scandalised, eye-bulging stunned looks*

S: What? Haven’t you heard of a dish called spotted dick?

Ms Nut & J: *vigorously shake heads with bug eyes*

S: Well, … haven’t seen the dish before, but … know it’s an English dish, it’s like jelly or pudding or something, and maybe it’s spotted and all, that’s why it’s call spotted…

Ms Nut & J: OK!!! You can stop!

S: Hmm, if in Malay, what would it be called? … Spots is… bintik… so… bintik-bintik

Ms Nut & J: STOP!!!


Feel quite sad that am not on the same wavelength with a teacher whom was so close to that we were more like good friends at the height of the relationship.

Now, the silent spells grow larger in conversation. The stomach-grabbing, cheeks-hurting laughter is getting less and less. Sometimes just cannot think of what to say to her.

That’s why brought J along to visit Ms Nut, even though am not so fond of her. At least she can fill in the silent gaps while hoping the current conversation would naturally steer itself into more exciting, scandalous topics.


Really miss tuition with this teacher.

Every Thursday, look forward to class.

Never missed a single class before.

Now, only go there twice a year. Three if lucky.

Comments on: "What’s a spotted dick?" (2)

  1. Fantastic! I love Spotted Dick. Very hard to find in Canada (where I live). Even harder to describe.

    Also like the way you’ve used text boxes. I was wondering how they could be used on my blog.

    sulz: hi thanks for visiting! have never tasted spotted dick before (though suspect self’s taste buds would not enjoy the experience), learnt about it from story books (must be one of those enid blytons self devoured when a child). wonder how does it taste?

    regarding text boxes, all you have to do is go to presentation, under which click on sidebar widgets. there is one text widget for you to choose to add to your sidebar, but if you want to text widgets, scroll down a bit where they ask you how many do you want, and save it! hope the instructions are easy enough to follow.

    you should participate in wordpress forums if you need blogging help, or read the FAQ which is really good to learn more about blogging. good luck!

  2. The first time I heard about this I thought the person was making a dirty joke.

    sulz: haha, it would also seem kinda vulgar to say, “i want to eat spotted dick at my regular english tea house today!” 😆

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