blogging gobbledygook and such

She’s really sorry, but she just couldn’t go to your birthday party.

The thought of facing all those people just terrifies her.

Those people who knew her.

Those people who think they knew her and those who really knew her.

She doesn’t think you will mind. Much.

It’s just one itty bitty less person. Right?

But she still feels wrong.

And she knows you know why.

She’s just got too many issues with herself.

But you knew that, didn’t you?

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Comments on: "But you knew that, didn’t you?" (5)

  1. Whatever you do – do not approve this comment. As we do have not tag board or whatever the hell you call it I have no “private” way to communicate with you, so here I am using a flipping comment box.
    (1) I love your unique and eccentric blog roll. Thumbs up! It made me ROTFALMAO and I needed that after the crappy day I had.
    (2) You sure as hell have filed my blog under the correct blog roll “heading” – lemons (he, he, he).
    (3) Thanks for defending me on the forum when I lost it and had my PMS “freak-out” at the bitchers, whiners, moaners etc. with their “WP sucks routine” ARGghhhh! they are crazymakers [she snarled].
    (4) I’ve been waiting for you to accept drmikes and cornell’s (collin’s) invitation to join up drmike’s unofficial forum at
    (5) You are a coyote too and this entry that you categorized as “crying” is what howling is all about. It’s our party and we can cry if we want to ooww-ooww-OWooooo.

    sulz: sorry, am too lazy to dis-approve this comment. 😛 besides hardly anyone reads this blog anyway. you could have chosen a post without the ‘more’ tag to comment in, ‘cos now everybody’s going to read this.

    1. merci beaucoup! am linking people who have linked self, thus the blogroll.

    2. knew you would see the humour of it. =)

    3. no problem, sometimes people just don’t realise how their use of language can be interpreted differently than their intention.

    4. have done so. suspect it will be a very small wacky forum of you, self, collin and drmike. (the wacky term mostly personified by you, since self, collin and drmike are generally quite self-restrained. ^-^)

    5. err, physically am more of a cow than a coyote. =P

    p.s. saw your bloggersblurt blog with a wicked theme. what happened to it?

    p.p.s. the picture in the forum, is that you?

  2. Well you went and did it now didn’t you? You kept it. You could have kept it to yourself but oh no you posted it, so strangers could lick it and again just to savour the flavour. 😦 Well, at least that indicates that you know how to share. 🙂

    You’re a contrary bitch you know and it does take one to know one. Moreover, as we are coyotes ‘bitch” is the correct word, right? And it’s okay.;-)

    Cow smow what udder dribble – cows don’t rise to coyote bait and cows don’t get marks above C’s m’dear, now do they? [Congratulations!]

    Yeah, sure I could have chosen another post to comment on but this was the top one then and it was easy pickin’s so why not?

    If you think Collin and drmike are quite restrained ^^ that’s your choice. But if you check out the ‘Smiles and Chuckles’ page on my site you note that there is irreverevent life in them there loins. In fact I don’t believe that ‘restraint’ would last for long if we met in person, because I enjoy having a good time and lI ove charming men.

    Coyote bitches are charismatic loners who mate for life (consider the truth in that contradiction because I know you’re bright enough to find it and also note my beloved smiles about it frequently ). Regardless of my insecurities I do have a good heart and I do have an inclination to ensure others have a good time when we come in contact.

    Here is the URL the best post I’ve ever read on procrastination, [she said in a sincere effort to bond, because normally women take one look at me and cling to their men for dear life – the silly twats].

    So here we go with the what I look like question. The avatar looks very much like me only younger. I’ve always had the “waif look” and I’ve always looked at least 10 years younger than my age. My man is younger than I am and is not as good looking as I am, as if that really matters and belive me it doesn’t.

    My hair was the same colour as the hair on the avatar until the last time I was really sick in mid March. I woke up from my sweaty delirium having knocked on death’s door and having been sent back to live again and found I had developed a small white flower of hair over my right eye where it used to be dark blonde. Some folks think I coloured it because streaking is so popular but I didn’t.

    I have a good figure and I shouldn’t have to apologize for that – it has nothing to do with me – it’s genetic. But most women try to make me feel bad about it and say catty things to me that make me want to cry. I only have a few close girl friends who love me even though I’m not plain or ugly. Enough of that boring ‘tat’ [a cool new word for useless crap that Podz taught me].

    Aside from planning for a good howl (check out my last night’s web log entry) I’m thinking a cyber party is in our coyote future. Hmmmm now that’s something to ponder isn’t it.

    Keep your girls up ^^ and a smile on your face,

    sulz: honestly, think nobody has an effing clue what we’re yammering about.

    just thought it strange you had that photo because remembered you saying you’re not exactly a sweet young thing anymore, and the picture looks like quite model-esque, so… now she knows. =)

  3. Surely how I do or don’t look is no basis upon which to forge a friendship either on line or off line, is it? Well, girl you’re not getting rid of me just because I’m old. In my heart I’m ageless and so are you.
    P.S. If you absolutely have to know exactly how old I am then you’ll have to read all my blog posts because in one of them I stated my age. Isn’t that a clever way to get you to read more of my blog? 😉 I think I may have scared off Advice Librarian by being so truthful in my last lengthy response to him but I hope not.

    sulz: hey, nobody said nothing about not being friends with nobody because of nobody’s looks or age… and frankly, even you scare this girl with your train-long posts! 😛

    can’t believe it, blog-spamming and am allowing the comment… oh well, asian people are taught to respect their elders, however young at heart they may be… :mrgreen:

  4. Love your header and your new theme [she said smiling wickedly and chuckling]. I paraticularly like the way it makes a person scroll all the way to the bottom to find your blog roll. I was able to cobble together an about page from the corrupted file and isk and post it at and of course Prairie Dog Passed on your cheeky message to me but you’ll have to go there to retrieve it she said [Some say she’d do anything for a stat and you would do anything for a comment but they’d be dead or wrong. We do do have limits … somewhere … hmmm … now where’s that gun… he he?] Seriously, I’ve got to go and smile and be nice to customers.
    You’re in my life and my heart you little fart.:0 ow ow owWOOoo

    sulz: but that’s not the real header, the whole new look would be done in july, so don’t forget to come back then. well, the position of categories and blogroll are theme-dependent; personally prefer if it weren’t at the bottom actually. okay see you later you old fart

  5. I have fun with, result in I found just what I was looking for.
    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have
    a nice day. Bye

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