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Yesterday watched that World Cup match only every (other) Malaysian was waiting for with Dee and Uncle PC at some mamak with fantastically huge plasma tvs and equally fantastically abominable service – like, took over an hour after making an order of chicken murtabak to a bewildered-looking Indian/Bangladeshi waiter who looked at self like was ordering chicken cordon bleu to realise they were not even going to inform that they do not sell murtabak there. In the end, so miffed refused to order anything for self – lucky thing Dee bought some murukku for snacking while watching the game. Bought some yummy A & W for supper (yummy, because when stomach is warming up to sing its gastric-juice-fuelled opera in tenor, even mushy leftover papaya tastes good… okay take that back, am not that hungry).

The game was very anticlimactic, so no point mentioning it from here on.

Uncle PC has a real peculiar sense of humour. When self showed some interest in his dentures, she expected him to expound on it enthusiastically the way old people are when they are asked about something they think they know a lot about – instead, he whipped his lower dentures out much to the chagrin and disgust of surrounding patrons and sniggered (“Heh, heh, heh”) while self looked in a mix of horror and fascination, before nonchalantly popping it back into his mouth. Then, upon the camera panning on that wunderkind wonderboy who was on the bench, he snickered and mumbled in that old man’s slurred speech, “Hehe, there that …. your boyfriend! You like him, right?”

So paiseh la. Lucky the tv was so loud or else everyone will think this is another bimbo who watches football to pan for eye candy. -_-

Sigh, Uncle PC, your grandniece likes that footballer for his skills, not his looks. May not acquire that much footballing knowledge to spar with the best of mamak football critics, but at least can appreciate enough the basics of the beautiful game.

We got some stares around the mamak because of Uncle PC. It’s not every day you see in a place mostly frequented by people who are far from reaching senior citizenship an old man tottering in his walking stick to watch football.

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