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All PORNED out?

Well, it was like watching football pornography, that’s how dirty the game was between Portugal and the Netherlands. Four red cards, sixteen yellows, extremely melodramatic for a game with a solitary goal.

Final score: POR 1 NED 0.

Hopefully the Russian referee helped England’s chances with those red cards. And that Dutch guy who injured Cristiano Ronaldo.

England better pull their socks up – entry to the next round couldn’t have been more set up on a silver platter with two integral first-team Portuguese players suspended and star winger having a thigh injury (mmm, what a sexy injury that is).

For someone who is a self-proclaimed football fan, it is strange she only writes a post about the World Cup now.

She confesses it was the title she wrote this post for, not because she’s a footie fan. Such a horny corny double entendre she couldn’t resist.

2/7 Silver platter? Haha, more like silver lining… While the ref was harsh on Rooney, he did not help matters by displaying his lack of anger management. That definitely altered the course of the game because England were mostly defending, although there were times they attacked. But with Crouch, the clumsy, fumbling beanpole? He probably can’t even aim the ball at a beached whale.

Comments on: "All PORNED out?" (2)

  1. Yes, I’d considered saying something about the PorNed match, but thought better of it I’m afraid, lest we say the Dutch were not as Red Hot as the infamous channel suggests.
    I heard that Figo will go unpunished, C Ronaldo is going to recover, and Deco may have his red card overturned; Sepp Blatter said the referee should have been booked himself. I think England may need body armour for the match, if anything (Rooney won’t, I’m sure).
    Thanks for signing my guessedbook by the way, that’s you and The Vessel on there now.

    sulz: but it’s true that Holland has underperformed this time. well, referees are only human; according to bbc football’s site, it is sepp blatter and fifa who imposed such nitpicking rules for refs to strictly follow, so that would make blatter a bit of a hypocrite?

    i think portugal will not be as physical as this game, surely the referee for the game will take note and be more watchful on the portuguese.

    oh no, if anything rooney needs the armour, remember the last time england played portugal in euro 2004? they all but lost hope the moment he was stretchered off.

    no probs. can’t believe you still visit this blog, it was so long since you last comment!

  2. how could one keep a straight face?

    sulz: by not moving it. `-` however if the wind changes and your face is stuck like that, am not to be blamed.

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