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A 21st birthday card arrived today, a little too early from Aunty J, but it is such a surprise nonetheless. She has never send a card to self before.

Obviously she remembers the Christmas and Chinese New Year cards self gave her previously. (Feel so bad thinking about those cards – she obviously bought this card specially for self, whereas all those season greetings cards sent to her and other relatives were old, unused ones or the kind one gets free in the post from some disabled association saying if you like them, make a donation. But of course none of us do.) 😮

This is so unexpected of her. She is quite stingy when it comes to ang pows, and we hardly ever speak when we do meet. The most astonishing is that she remembers the birth date. Self don’t even know when’s her birthday! (Neither does Dee. So lousy.)

She wrote:

With love, take care + God bless you. Wish you good luck in your studies & your future occupation.

How nice!

Em laughed scornfully when she read Aunty J’s message. She obviously thought ‘occupation’ refers to self’s future career, but am pretty sure Aunty J meant whatever future undertakings self would take. How typical – she has always been condescending to Aunty J. She has her faults, but at least she’s sincere. Mean, Em doesn’t even give anything for self’s birthdays.

Shall buy her a thank you card today when am shopping (again) with Angel.


Shit, totally forgot about the thank you card. Well, one can never shop enough (if that one is self). Maybe pop over at nearby mall to look for that elusive, perfect flats and the card.

Oh, shopping today was sooooo fulfilling materialistically. Drove to this mall with two adjoining malls, despite not being very clear on how to get there. Success!

But on the way home missed the u-turn and had to pay toll twice to get back to the right highway. Fail!

Driving misadventures aside, got the two most lovely bright floral print halter neck tops with a lace hem at the bottom. Also got a pretty pricey (but it’s Mambo, and discounted) powder blue surfer shorts for those am-too-lazy-to-dress-up days at college. Had really scrumptious baked rice and mushroom soup for lunch, topped off with a rather salty Ikea hot dog for a snack (too much mustard, but loved the sweet relish).

Oh, and found self’s birthday present while rummaging through her bag (in front of her of course). Angel gave self a pretty dragonfly pendant with tiny bling-blings (because am nuts over anything damn thing with a butterfly or dragonfly motif, even more hysterical if it’s covered with shiny bling-blings – so absurd, it must be in-built). And thoughtfully keeping in mind self’s hyperhydrosis, she matched the pendant with a black faux leather string-rope-thingy.

And yes, she gave it too early.

Because other than family, nobody really knows when is self’s birthday!

(Another in-built idiosyncrasy, clearly.)


5/7 Feel so pampered – Uncle PC gave an ang pow, and Uncle PT gave a precious opal stone with a silver chain he bought in Perth. It costs AUD$50+… !! That is like the most expensive piece of jewellery self own. Well, there’s this classy necklace of genuine pearls given by Aunty Bulat from Hong Kong years ago but am not sure how much it costs. (For a shopaholic, she is strangely reticent to jewellery shopping – her expertise is mostly confined to clothes and bookmarks, like the three cutesy ones she bought from her college bookshop today.)

Aunty J’s thank you card has been posted. Uncle PC and Uncle PT’s one is on the table now waiting to be written upon and posted, tomorrow maybe.

Of friends, Angel and V has given their birthday wishes – though it’s not the right day. But the sentiment counts all the same.

Uncle PT is so sweet. *feeling all gooey inside* 🙂

And birthday hasn’t even arrived yet!

Comments on: "What lovely unexpected birthday surprises did you receive?" (2)

  1. I don’t know when your birthday is so I’m wishing you a happy one now so I won’t miss the auspicious date.

    I would like to suggest that you make an additional page if this theme allows for it. I’m thinking the kind with a comment box would be nice. Perhaps someone might have something they would like to say that doesn’t relate to a post. What I’m thinking I would use it for is to prattle away to you on subjects that do not correspond with your posts. On the other hand I do not hesitate to do this unrelated prattling so perhaps what I’m really suggesting is a “you’re welcome to leave me a message page” that others could use. 😀

    sulz: thank you. 🙂 will let you know soon if it’s a happy one or not.

    yes, if you read some thread in the forum, you’d know was considering a guestbook. however, would need a page with comments and other than regulus am not sure which theme does that.

  2. Only regulus has comment boxes on pages – what a pity. I wanted to use blix on my new blog … hmmmm

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