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Back-to-college shopping!!!

This oniomaniac has more than enough shopping already, thank you very much. And less than enough money left. (But that’s not to say if am invited by Angel or anyone else for shopping will say no.)

  1. Blue flag-themed tote bag (aka Motherbag) RM28.90
  2. Floral wraparound skirt RM79.90
  3. Chocolate brown faux suede tiered skirt RM35.90
  4. Blue-and-pink floral halter top RM49.00
  5. Orange-and-green floral halter top RM49.00
  6. Powder blue Mambo surfer shorts (discounted) RM33.90
  7. Turquoise ruched Zara tank top RM39.00
  8. Turquoise Zara lounging pants RM109.00
  9. Green lacy tank top RM28.00
  10. Light golden-coloured flats RM19.90
  11. Pencil box (it’s really a box for a Patrick n friends face towel, but that’s more value for money, isn’t it? Buying it for the box and getting a face towel too!) RM9.90
  12. Cheap pendrive RM35.00
  13. Frameless navy blue spectacles with prescription lenses RM338.00
  14. White flared silk Zara skirt RM199.00

Grand total = RM1054.40


Can’t believe self spent so much.

Em would absolutely slaughter self if she knew this was how self spent her salary from part-time job.

Okay, but if you really look at it, spectacles can’t be counted as back-to-college shopping because current specs is seven years old. It’s in dire need of a burial. So grand total really would be:

RM1054.40 – RM338.00 = RM716.40

Shit, that’s still kind of a lot to spend on clothes and vanity, right?

Wait, forgot to leave out the white silk skirt – it’s not necessary for college per se, but it’s more of something to own in case of a formal event coming up, like a possible scholarship interview… Must look good and formal and presentable ma, right? Also good for class presentations or posh dinners. So, that makes the grand total down to:

RM716.40 – RM199.00 = RM517.40

Wah… still a lot, hor.

Oh, who bloody cares? Earned that money by self, okay, and if there’s anything am guilty of, it’s of an overwhelming desire to not look like a potential candidate for What Not To Wear.


Oh, oh, and finally ended the search for that elusive pair of flats! (Err, cross fingers. The other time bought those slippers also ended up didn’t wear – didn’t look as good at home. But luckily the shoe shop allows exchanges for unused shoes with receipt, no time limit – at least, that’s what they say la. If really cannot exchange then will wear lor. But anyway, let’s hope will like the flats enough. Because if self really like something, will want to wear it every day, every time go out.

Why suddenly sound so colloquial one?

Comments on: "What’s finally finished?" (2)

  1. wah…so rich…i’m also planning to get a new set of glasses…but kesiannya, aku terlalu miskin.

    and i’m saving up to get myself a canon350d *slurps* been delaying this necessity for years now.

    i wish i were rich…so flithy rich that i could use a rm50 as a piece of toilet paper… 😥

    sulz: rich what la? am so broke now… luckily still got part-time job every weekend now start college’s started already.

    normally would encourage you to get your camera first, but when buying spectacles, discovered self’s left eye power has increased by about 200+! the right eye very little increase. the point is, if you don’t want to go blind faster please check your eyes asap to see if your current prescription is still suitable for usage.

    so if you see someone with glasses that has lenses as thick as a brick, that’s yours truly… 😦

  2. I can tell you two (Dave and Sulz) both need a good laugh. So I’m telling you to do yourselves a favour. Check out and add Maude’s site to your blogroll.

    Yeah, yeah I can see you curling up your lips in distatse at the word “crochet” but I kid you not, one look at the little blue outfit she’s featuring right now will have you rolling on the floor laughing your asses off, regardless of how poor your eyesight is.

    roflmao tt

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