blogging gobbledygook and such

Just some two people who brought such fun and exasperation and joy and giggles and silliness in self’s life.


This is Miss Piggy and Bombom.


Miss Piggy is very tomboyish. She loves nothing more than those awful shooting games and books like Mr Midnight or Goosebumps, and has taken a recent liking to Neopets. She is a slob eater who is crazy about 1901 hot dogs and eats like a horse. And she is growing like a beanstalk; she stands as tall as self and she’s only ten. (Am a diminutive five feet one.)


Bombom is an extremely creative and artistic individual who loves drawing aeroplanes and skyscrapers. His favourite toys are Lego Technic and essentially anything that requires building. He has quite a temper, unlike his sister who is very good-natured. Cheekily impudent, he used to be self’s favourite before B came into self’s life.

Now another person takes a place in self’s heart, Wen Wen.


Since do not have a photo of Wen Wen, will have to make do with these two rascals.

Comments on: "Who are these two toothy little rascals?" (1)

  1. They are beautiful children. But this is not surpising as you come from a beautiful race. It’s wonderful that you have kids in your life. They are so much fun to be with.

    Today I took on christianity, racism and hyposcrisy in my blog. Let’s hope these kids grown up to experience a better world than the one we have today.

    sulz: oh, they’re such naive kids, they don’t even know anything about religion. which is good in self’s opinion, because that way they can make up their own mind about it when all grown up they learn of it…

    you should see Wen Wen… she’s absolutely gorgeous!

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