blogging gobbledygook and such

When things don’t go her way, it’s everybody else’s fault except hers.

“Stupid tiang (pole), it wasn’t there before! How come suddenly got one here?”

“Because of you la, I only come because you want to buy all your nonsense.”

“Drive big cars during peak hours very nuisance la.” (Ho, ho, ho, and who decided she wants to buy said big car?)

Then she turns horrifically bitchy.

“Look at her, how can she wear such a short pants? Can see the indentations there also. Some more she’s a mother already.”

Oh, like your hideously tight three-quarter pants don’t show your indentations.

Then she starts changing the subject and vomits all your past flaws and faults, as if the whole unfortunate fiasco started because of you.

And nobody say anything about her hypocrisy, lest they would receive the hairdryer, soul-sucking treatment. (Clearly lesson not learnt by you despite the frequency of blow dry treatments you received your entire life.)


And the person above does not refer to self.

God forbid would turn out like that when old – flabby, wrinkly, grumpy, bitchy, and most of all, unable to let anyone family in her presence to feel happy.

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