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Comments on: "When, in the heat of anger, your own mother tells you the only reason you get along so well with your father is because you can make use of him to run your errands, what is left to say of this dysfunctional family?" (2)

  1. My advice is to say nothing back at all. She sounds menopausal. If so then she’s on a hormonal roller-coaster ride from hell and that means she is unable to balance her self or respond with logic. The reall test for you is to take absolutely nothing mean and nasty she says to you to heart. It’s only when we take things inside to our hearts that we make ourselves sick with the poison that flows from other mouths. When we just hear it we are not poisoned as we can allow it to escape out the other ear.

    Whenever I know I’m going to be around people who are prone to poisoning others I imagine myself being wrapped in a rainbow like a shield of protection. Go ahead close your eyes and wrapp yourself up. Now whenever people start to pour poison out of their mouths imagine the rainbow is like a mirror which cannot be penetrated and only reflects the vile nastiness back onot whoever sends it. The whole time a person like this is going on think in your head rainbow, rainbow, rainbow and shield yourself, little one.

    Then forgive her and get on with your life.

    sulz: thanks for your advice. this was posted in the heat of the moment as well, so am not angry at her anymore.

    of course, the dimension of the relationship has been warped a long, long time ago; an accumulation of incredible accusations lovingly preserved in the memory.

  2. thanks for sharring your tips and tricks

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