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Fuck it, the room was like a damn fucking furnace.

Obviously did not get the afternoon sleep self went there for.

Anyway, Uncle PT and Uncle Aussie came to visit this morning. Dee brought them for breakfast at a mamak early in the morning before bringing them home for a chat. Uncle Aussie is Dee’s cousin. He is younger than Dee with kids older than self. He is here to attend his secondary school reunion.

He is almost as self remembered when last saw him at eight years old. He still likes to tease self about “always reading books”. Today he tried to cajole self into playing the piano for him, extremely unsuccessfully. The piano-playing skills is one of the few self’s pointless acquired skills because of the obvious lack of musical talent in the family.

The most interesting part of the visit was his casual offer to buy self’s ticket to Australia to visit him after graduation. Very tempting to imagine what it’s like, but self did use the word ‘casual’ in the previous sentence. It would be just too naïve to actually believe his offer was genuine. Besides, he’s not a close relative, having lived in Australia self’s whole life.

But something inside called hope never allows you to truly stop imagine, does it.

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