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You’d think she was beautiful the way some pathetic men stare at her.

But if you look properly, they are staring at the region below her face.

Doesn’t help that she is short in stature. Just makes it easier for their lecherous gazes.

They must have had such a visual orgasm ogling her breasts in that cleavage-revealing top.

A nice floral print cleavage-revealing top, mind you.

Her tits aren’t even that big – they just look big because she’s wearing a good bra and a nicely fitting top that shows off her assets and hide her flaws, like the flabby tummy. She is definitely not even of average beauty. Cover her breasts up and see if anything with a penis looks at her.

But the way they guys ogle her you’d almost think she’s a fucking walking Playboy pin-up girl.

Like can’t a girl fucking wear something sexy without feeling like she’s visually molested?

It’s one thing you show your admiration for her womanly curves with a subtle lingering glance.

It’s NOT admirable anymore when your perverted eyes turn against the direction you’re walking to savour the last views of her seemingly huge tits as she walks past by.

Haven’t you eejits heard of pornography? That’s what they’re for – to be ogled as much as you like. You can even wank to it, if you like.

Not some average girl shopping in the mall wearing something she feels good in.

And yes, that girl refers to self.

And that’s why she wore that black cardigan that did not quite match her outfit, which was that gorgeous floral print wraparound skirt and that green-and-orange floral print halter top.

She doesn’t even get that kind of visual sexual harassment at college.

(Did she forget to mention that her faculty is 99% girls 1% boys and doubtful orientations at that?)

Comments on: "Can’t a girl wear a low-cut top without getting her breasts ogled at?" (6)

  1. timethief said:

    I don’t get it. Personally I hate bras and it’s a matter of pride with me that I can still pass the pencil test, however, there are certain outfits I do wear one with. I wear these outfits and the bra underneath because they make me look good enough to turn heads. I mean wWhy wear a nicely fitted bra the displays your assets with a low cut top if you do not expect to be looked at? On the other hand I live in a society where men are cautious about staring too hard lest a feminist clobber them for doing so. This of course discounts the sleazy bars and places I wouldn;t be in in the forst place so who knows what goes on there. Anyway It sounds like you’re living in a society that needs some feminists to be flown in to educate the men. Ad miring lances are okay even lingering glances are okay but staring is not okay.;)

    sulz: but you’ve said it precisely as self had – admiring glances are ok, not lecherous stares. am absolutely fine with a two-second look, not a twenty-second look. and am in a shopping mall, not a bar or club. there are girls who were showing more skin than self, but they definitely do not have any assets whatsoever – the downside of being twig-like.

  2. *sniggers* snyuk snyuk… >:P

    so…erm…where’s the accompanying pic? 😛

    sulz: har har har… you give your brand-new camera la so can take photo, ham sap lou

  3. eh…i where got ham sap? *bambi eyes*

  4. Hey sulz,

    quick question! how did you get comments to show up here using this theme?! I can’t do it with mine… I’m a newbie to wordpress, so would love your help!

    xo. Se7en

    sulz: pls refer to your wordpress forum thread for self’s reply.

  5. (And also! I’ve got the textbox on the sidebar, but don’t know how to actually put the ‘text’ into them?? Can you show me?)

    Thanks heaps in advance

  6. ok…just going through your blog…u would probably be getting comments for your old old posts! 😀 but here goes!
    omg! I had this conversation with a friend today ( a guy btw!) Here in India, Chennai to be exact, it is almost a crime to wear a salwar kameez without a dupatta. The wiki on dupatta :
    The guy says wear one, the right way…why give us a chance to ogle like that?! I was like can’t you guys look at my face instead?! He was like you gals make guys give the lecherous look by dressing the way you do!
    So supposedly, it is our fault…we should not dress in something we feel good & comfortable in. There are norms and we should follow them!!We invite those by dressing the way we do. I was like I might as well probably wear a purdah all the time!
    I could not even change that one guy!!

    sulz: urgh, it’s people who think like your friend does that makes wearing what we want to wear so difficult because of those stares. 😦

    by the way, i love receiving comments anytime, any post! 🙂

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