blogging gobbledygook and such

Today, she

  1. frightened her lecturer with her knuckle-cracking habit. Apparently the lecturer is phobic of the seemingly hurtful sound of the knuckles cracking.
  2. flashed her matric card at the toll booth reading machine instead of her toll card. An involuntary cry of “Fuck!” is inevitable.
  3. missed a call she would have like to pick up very much of all days when she switched her phone to silent mode. All those days in ringing mode, and the friend chose to call the very day she thought nobody would.
    (But then again, could she have heard the phone ringing at half past eleven when she has hit the sack like a stone at quarter before ten?)
  4. wants to let it be known: she despises, loathes, abhors the sound of people chewing with their mouths open. It’s uncouth, repulsive and uncivilized.

It has been a long day.

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