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Was mucking about in class yesterday because the lecturer was late. One topic led to another among us before we got into the subject of sex education. Some of us have been planning to take a sex education class as an elective the next semester.

Someone asked if the lecture would be in Malay. “Of course it would be – just like our sex ed in Form Three, remember? Zakar (penis) and… hey Miss Kinokuniya, what’s the Malay word for vagina?” While she mulled, self remembered. “Ah, it’s faraj, right?” Ya, Miss Kino confirmed.

“… remembered zakar because of this Malay name, Zakaria. Can you imagine anyone who has that name? Zakar is penis, ria is happy. Happy penis. The poor guy must have got a lot of stick for his name at school. Thank goodness there’s no name like Faraja or something.”

“[self’s name, edited], you’re crazy, you know! Only you can think of crazy things like this!”

Yep, that’s self – the sexologist wannabe, if it weren’t for the fact that Science was one of her weaker subjects in school. It remains a mystery how she got an 1A for General Science in SPM. When she got a 7D for her trials.


Today in a language class there was a guest teacher, who did some rhyming exercises to improve our phonics in said language. He came wearing a worn-out faded black t-shirt, striped pants that looked more like a pajama bottom and flip-flops. He really looked like he just got out of bed. And when he talked, he had this awful habit of swaying back and forth and side to side, which makes self feel seasick. And the rhyming exercise was unfathomably hilarious to Jelly, who wobbled uncontrollably in stifled giggles (hence the nickname), which in turn set off Tau Foo Fa and self, for laughter is extremely infectious to self. And since we have to repeat that exercise several times, Jelly trembled even more and self just couldn’t help but collapse in giggles at the sight of him. it took several more tries before could compose self and wipe away tears of laughter.

And we get to see him again next week. Whee.

Comments on: "Who’s a crazed sexologist-wannabe?" (1)

  1. timethief said:

    Ha! ha! ha! Your post made me laugh but I’ll bet I can make you laugh harder.

    Go to my blog to the last comment under Porn Blogs Fuel the Global Sex Trade. Click on the link to the youtube video that I put there and be prepared to laugh your sides off. I howled.

    sulz: sadly, am on dial-up. 😥 did try though. it’s nice to make someone laugh. 🙂

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