blogging gobbledygook and such

You know, that restless, unsettled feeling when you haven’t posted a substantial post, or as frequent as you would’ve wanted to.

It is not unlike constipation. Which it is, in an emotional way, because all that emotional waste is clogged in your heart, because you’ve no outlet to release it.

Self need a blogging laxative!

Comments on: "Ever suffered from bloglessness?" (2)

  1. Being stuck at the job because you wait for elements from other people to do your work is a powerful blogging laxative…

    sulz: speaking from experience, must be? 😉 sadly self’s ‘workplace’ is awfully dull at the moment. It would be nice to have a bitch post now!

  2. Three posts per week isn’t bad going…

    sulz: aim is a post every other day. but always find inspiration for posts after writing a post like this, heh. 🙂

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