blogging gobbledygook and such

According to a friend, it is tradition of the 100th post to list down 100 facts about the blogger. What a fabulous topic!

The blogger likes

1. books. Reading!

2. chocolate. Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Chocolate milk. Chocolate sex. CHOCOLATE!!!

3. the idiot box. Ubiquitous TVB soap operas. Superficial teen series. Supernatural series. As long as there are gorgeous women and hot guys, am game.

4. shopping. But no money. =(

5. football. Got hooked during the 2002 World Cup and since then have been faithfully following the major football leagues and events.

6. Formula 1. Faithfully catches every race on tv to always be disappointed by Kimi Raikkönen’s underperformance. But that doesn’t stop her from rooting for him.

7. languages. It’s tough work learning but that satisfied feeling for being able to read and understand a foreign language is worth it. Am mostly interested in Romance languages though, have not got around to attempting any language that doesn’t use the Romanised alphabets.

8. blogging. It’s a fantastic way to release anger and basically archiving any thoughts that would not be uttered out, ever.

9. babies. Cuddling them, kissing them, teasing them, spoiling them. But don’t have any plans to have one of own.

10. the colour turquoise. And mint green. And powder blue. And blood red!

11. driving fast. But never over the speed limit. Well, relatively fast compared to the slow coaches on the middle and left lanes on the highway during a traffic jam. Most speed demons would probably laugh at her definition of fast.

12. having long conversations on the phone. Her ex would know. The longest phone conversation she’s ever had was six, seven hours? But nobody calls any more.

13. walking at night. Or during a cloudy day.

14. ice-skating! Hasn’t skied or snowboarded before, but bet she will take to winter sports like fish to water.

15. being alone. Especially in the morning. And before the first class in the morning.

16. talking about herself.

17. anything with a cow print, butterfly / dragonfly / floral motif.

18. receiving cards, both the electronical and post kind.

19. her floral wraparound skirt.

20. Spongebob Squarepants. And Archie Comics.

21. gossiping. It’s bad but it’s so juicy.

22. Bic pens. Her handwriting is just simply gorgeous with them.

23. learning about sex-related topics. She’s top score with theory but no practical yet!

24. receiving comments from her blog readers, even though she doesn’t know what to reply them sometimes.

25. her passion. People who witness her passion call it temper.

The blogger dislikes

26. being late. She likes to come to class half an hour early to choose the perfect chair and another to dump her bag and books on. She likes to reach the mall just as it opens so she can browse the shops without bumping into bo-laden people and not have to wait to go to the fitting room.

27. hypocrites. But don’t we all?

28. driving in traffic jams. But if am on the passenger seat it doesn’t bother self at all.

29. vomiting. Rather suffer through the nauseous feeling than force heave to feel better instantly.

30. public display of affection. Not that it’s expected of self anyway seeing as love life is nonexistent.

31. strangers touching her body, accidental or not. It’s invading her personal space. Hate it!

32. papaya. Bad memories. Of clandestinely throwing humongous slices of papaya behind the wall of her backyard so that she doesn’t have to gag on them.

33. tomatoes. YECH. But tomato sauce is yummy.

34. eating in public. So everybody exclaims at the scant amount she eats at a restaurant or a buffet. But for some reason, she just feels full very easily when eating out. Maybe it’s the tight clothes.

35. pretentiousness. But admittedly she has been guilty of it before once or twice.

36. people who pretend to be nice to you but secretly hate your guts. No, make that abhor.

37. people who chew with their mouths open. Disgusting.

38. taking photos. That’s why no pictures of her in this blog.

39. her piano lessons as a child. The piano is collecting dust now.

40. going to the doctor. And dentist.

41. being stared at or talked about in her presence.

The blogger

42. cries from being depressed and self-pity. A lot. It’s a monthly occurrence. Like menstruation. Or does it come because of menstruation?

43. cries very easily at soppy tv shows or movies or books.

44. cries when she gets too angry.

45. cries when she laughs too hard.

46. tears up when she yawns.

47. cannot reverse park. For nuts.

48. cannot swim. Don’t start.

49. lives with three other family members in her home.

50. is a daddy’s girl. Extremely spoilt by him in ways money cannot buy.

51. bullies her father. As do the other family members in the house. But he never keeps grudges.

52. is typically afraid of cockroaches.

53. is quite clingy. Which explains why she’s mostly alone at college.

54. couldn’t master using chopsticks until her teenage years. Subject of ridicule for every other insensitive Chinese sitting at the table of a Chinese dinner.

55. finds looking at people in the eye unnerving.

56. is extremely reserved and quiet in person.

57. is terribly noisy and obnoxious once you get to know her.

58. cannot sleep if she doesn’t eat something before bed. Hence the expanding waistline.

59. has hyperhydrosis. She sweats at the slightest activity in the heat. She even sweats in an air-conditioned room if she has been exerting herself.

60. likes to pinch at her scabs. Both physical and emotional kinds.

61. hasn’t really mastered Microsoft Excel.

62. collects bookmarks and postcards. A boxful of bookmarks and three boxes of postcards. And counting.

63. doesn’t care much for music. She only listens to her radio on the handphone or in the car; she likes the randomness of songs that might come up next.

64. is quite the klutz. Bumping her rump unto table ends and stubbing her toes on chair legs are weekly activities. Grace is impossible for her.

65. is an agnostic.

66. never ever worn a miniskirt. Legs too fat.

67. has never pumped petrol before. Despite having driven for the past 3 years.

68. is extremely uncomfortable around guys in person. But no, she did not go to an all-girls school.

69. was crazy about Barbie and Lego as a child.

70. once appeared in an Uncle Toby’s commercial when she was nine years old but could not even spot herself when it aired on tv. Ironically, she was shot in a swimming pool. Some people could spot her, though.

71. saw Siti Nurhaliza buying bras and Dr Mahathir’s wife shopping on the same day in Isetan KLCC. She was working as a salesgirl then.

72. had vowed to never step in a church ever again. So far she has kept her vow.

73. used to be involved in Christian youth activities, so much so that she and her little cluster of friends would sing gospel songs at the back of the classroom, just for fun.

74. has a heart-shaped birthmark on her right knee. She kids you not.

75. never ever had a passport.

76. nearly went blind in one eye when the hook of the sarong (local version of a baby rocker) hit her as it dismantled from her pushing it too hard. She has a barely seen scar under her left eye.

77. was a bully once. But just to one specific boy. He was the only one who was scared enough of self.

78. can read while walking or sitting in a moving vehicle.

79. started wearing contact lenses when she was fourteen, after seeing her friend getting them.

80. reads the newspapers from back to front, starting with the sports pages.

81. stares admires beautiful women. But she’s not inclined that way. Though she wonders how it feels like.

82. is extremely fussy with shoes. She can go to ten shoe shops and not like any she had seen. That’s why she’s still wearing her favourite black ones, despite having to tape up the broken strap.

83. enjoys reading in the toilet. If she hasn’t got any with her then, she would read the labels of toiletries within reach from the toilet bowl.

84. still has a smelly pillow to sleep with like kids do. She even brings it to sleepovers or camps.

85. does word searches, not crossword puzzles or Sudoku.

The blogger’s

86. favourite movie is Before Sunrise, starring the ethereal Julie Delpy and the delicious Ethan Hawke. The plot: French girl meets American boy on a train (Eurail?) and sparks fly. He convinces her to stop over some city (she forgot, it’s been a while since she saw it) for a day. They frolic about and a romance blooms. The terribly romantic day ends and the movie ends with the two making a vow they would meet at the train station six months later. Of course, they didn’t, as the sequel Before Sunset reveals. She hasn’t seen that one yet.

87. all time favourite tv series is Gilmore Girls.

88. favourite body part is her nose. And hair, unruly as it is.

89. dream vacation is a backpack trip to Europe with a close guy friend.

90. most embarrassing teenybopper crush was Lee Brennan, of the English boyband 911.

91. only ex-boyfriend dumped her because she wasn’t a Christian. That, and her mother terrified him.

92. most cringe-worthy fashion crime was to emulate her then favourite Spice Girls and clomp about in platforms in her early teenage years.

93. annoying habits include finger-combing and twirling her hair when she’s bored in class, and fingering her earlobe or earring when she’s nervous doing a presentation.

94. right arm is longer than the left.

95. right boob is bigger than the left!

96. left ear is higher than the right. So the glasses always have that lopsided look.

97. birth date is only known by family. Friends who knew soon forgot it, so did not remind them after that. It hurts less when she doesn’t get presents or wishes that day.

98. closest friends are Angel and Sesat. She is confident she will be their friend long enough to witness their weddings and firstborns and whatnot.

99. nails are always clipped short, a habit gained from piano-playing days and for hygiene’s sake.

100. ambition is to have a work-from-home job or a graveyard-shift one (imagine the wonderful traffic-free roads!). If she has money, she’d always wanted to open her own t-shirt shop, just selling cute t-shirts with witty sayings.

Comments on: "Can you read all 100 facts about the blogger?" (13)

  1. I like your Agatha Christie list [referring to sidebar]. I’ve ready all the Agathat Christie novels and love them (especially Hercule Poirot) Hope this won’t make you too jealous but I also have almost all of them on DVD :-)) They’re great… couldn’t resist 😉

    sulz: self only read christie’s mysteries. of the 80+ novels have read about three-quarters of it. can’t be jealous, really, have not seen one episode of the show. =( can’t miss what self don’t know. you should read alexander mccall’s the no. 1 ladies’ detective agency – the heroine is reminiscent of miss marple.

  2. timethief said:

    Yes! to your terrific and well developed list. What an accomplishment. I too have read every Agatha Christie novel and some more than once. Would love to own all the DVDs so I’m jealous of britgirl. I absolutely loved the charming Alexander MsCall series featuring Madam Ramatsowe therefore, I highly recommend reading them all. I intend to comment on other points on your list but must go to bed and get up early to peel 50 lbs of potatoes tomorrow. Congratulations on making your 100th post and may you enjoy making another 100 so we get to read the next update. Bless you little one. 🙂

    sulz: feel free to comment some more on this post once you’re free to. what on earth are you doing peeling 50 pounds of potatoes??? thank you, and hope to read your 100 facts when you reach your 100th post. 🙂

  3. *munching popcorn*

    confessions of a girl…highly entertaining 😀

    how about another 100 list?

    sulz: thank you, glad you enjoyed it. do you know how long it took to finish this list? Fun as it was for self, definitely need another 100 posts to warrant another list! You should do one now that you’re a Masters graduate. 😉

  4. You seem to be a very interesting person. I would like to check your blog regularly.

    sulz: oh, we are all interesting people deep down inside! 🙂 thanks, do come back!

  5. Ah see I get to read this AFTER I posted on your quiz and got 40% out of guessing.

    This list is entertaining… makes… (me) feel weird talking in first person after seeing you completely ignore the pronoun everywhere. 😛

    I’m going to copy you and make one of these when I reach my 100th post!!! (Thought that moment is really far, far away)

    sulz: perhaps made the test too hard since nobody got over half right, and you nearly did only with good guesses! haha, don’t feel weird – in fact it’s much harder to write because it sounds weirder than if used pronouns instead.

    good, love to read it when you do. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the comment on the blog. That never occurred to me and I corrected it.

    My son had a heart-shaped birthmark on his ankle when he was born too. Still has it, but now it just looks like a blob. I can still sorta make out a heart though.

    sulz: no problem. 🙂 wow, never thought there’d be someone else with a heart-shaped birthmark too!

  7. ‘Before sunrise’? Hey, that’s one of my favourite movies too… had a crush on Julie Delpy for a few days after watching it. And by the way, the city was Milan.

    sulz: am nuts over ethan hawke, of course. 😛 it’s vienna, actually. 😉 did you watch the sequel before sunset?

  8. Oh, shit! Aah, I get it now. Milan was where Delpy’s character was going to on the train.
    And yes, I watched the sequel as well. But honestly, the age factor aside, Julie Delpy looked much prettier with a ‘fuller’ body.

    sulz: she was going back to paris to see her grandma or something la… 😛

  9. Okay, I think I should call this thing off. Ugh, what a mix-up. Yeah, her granny died and that’s why she couldn’t show up in Vienna (or whatever the place is) in december. But hey, in before sunset, they don’t even kiss once 😦

    sulz: oh, so that’s the reason why. which is rather sad that circumstances can stop a person from pursuing what could be the love of his/her life!

    eeyer… but it’s because they’re already attached to other people, right? so that would be like cheating on their partners… but am sure they couldn’t stop the chemistry between them!

  10. well, yes, you’re right. it is indeed very unfortunate. even a match seemingly made in heaven can be destroyed by situations far beyond the control of the lovers. it almost happened with me as well, but thankfully, the difficult times passed.

    and as it turns out in the sequel, the reltionships that they’re involved in are actually very painful ones. and though there’s no conclusive ending, it’s clear that Hawke’s character stays behind in Paris. (he was supposed to catch a flight in the evening).

    sulz: wah, who’s the lucky lady huh? 😉

    that sounds like another sequel if anything! (but how can they ever top the first one? it’s the anticipation in the ending that made the movie what it is.)

  11. […] overshadowed by puffy cheeks. Normal boobs, neither too small nor too large. If you had read this post, you’d know self have a heart-shaped birthmark on the right knee. Contacts sometimes, glasses […]

  12. What a list! I love it. So honest, and I love the things you chose to include. Seems that this would be a hard list to compile.

    sulz: thank you. 🙂 i think you’re right; as it is, i planned to get a tattoo this year but i have yet to get around that!

  13. […] That was hard, what with most of the interesting facts being archived in the 100th post. […]

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