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But that’s all we’ve got to judge with, haven’t we, the cover? If we have not the time to discover what lies between the covers, we can only hope that colourful quirky cover reflects the nature of the story within. Am one of those who look at book covers when deciding to purchase a book. Chick lit have that quirky bright covers that self love, sometimes more than the story itself.

Similarly, we do a lot of cover-judging with people we meet in life. Take self for instance; at the start of college life, disliked Miss Lovesick for her tactless, obnoxious manner of speech. Miss Ick was friendly and thoughtful to self. Fast forward to second year in college, and self now strangely like Miss Lovesick more then Miss Ick. Miss Lovesick has lost some of her crude ways and is really quite a nice person if you don’t take her words too seriously. At least you know she isn’t faking it. Miss Ick, as self got to know her more, was really nice to self because she was using self for a companion when she fell out with a classmate. She has since made up with said classmate and that was the end of our so-called friendship. Ironically, that classmate who used to really like Miss Ick’s company, has found a better friend in another classmate and now they’re like two peas in a pod, and Miss Ick has to find another sidekick for projects. She still acts very nice to self, saying hi or bye, but self just pretend not to hear it.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop judging by the covers, because sometimes cover and content can be the same. But keep an open mind. Don’t write off that ugly, battered book at the corner of the shelf. It could be your favourite book.

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