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Who likes being fat?

This is a cause and effect essay for Proficiency class. Don’t know why keep coming back to these weight issue topics. Sounds like am justifying self, am self not? Will try to write something different for essay next time.

The Joys of Being Fat

I have always been a fat girl. I never knew how it felt like to be able to look at my toes without craning my neck past my protruding belly. Every part of my body jiggles like it’s jitterbugging, no matter how slowly I move. My mother constantly makes snide jibes at my expanding waistline. Pictures of skinny celebrities look back at me mockingly when I turn the pages of gossip magazines. Despite society’s preoccupation with thinness, I honestly believe there are advantages to being fat.

When you’re fat, you never have to worry about overindulging at the dinner table. I always have second helpings and never feel the least bit guilty for eating more than I think I should. After all, if I’m fat to begin with, eating one less helping isn’t going to miraculously make my flab vanish overnight. Hence, mealtimes have always been the part of the day I look forward to most. My healthy appetite enables me to enjoy varieties of cuisines and try out new dishes because I’m not constantly counting calories when I’m eating. I also maintain a balanced diet this way because I don’t restrict myself to foods that may contain high calorie content but also high nutritional value. I eat bananas, potatoes and golden-fried fish with relish. I never feel wrong for eating all that high-calorie food because I think my indulgence reflects my positive attitude towards food.

Being fat is nature’s best anti-harassment protection feature from dodgy, randy hormone-driven males seeking a shallow, physical relationship. Guys never give me so much a glance when I wear a slinky dress; instead, they’re ogling my thinner girlfriend standing next to me wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt. While some girls may feel undesirable and ugly if they receive this sort of treatment, but I don’t feel snubbed just because they do not consider my curvaceous, voluptuous shape desirable enough. On the contrary, I find it encouraging that my size works as an effective filter to sift out potential boyfriends from the jerks. That way, I know if a guy is attracted to me, it is my personality and qualities that draws him and not something as superficial and fleeting as my looks.

The most rewarding benefit when you are fat is that your self-esteem is based on your abilities and personal values, and not vanity. As a fat girl, my self-esteem would just crumble if I keep comparing my body to others. So, I learnt to embrace it. My body is a huge (pun intended) part of who I am; it is a physical testimony to a consumption of a good life. I improve my esteem by focusing more on my abilities and values instead. Consequently, I feel happier as a person because my self-esteem is beyond treasuring something so unimportant as my physical build and value qualities which are more important in an individual. Therefore, a self-esteem that is built upon your own unique qualities and capabilities can create a confidence that lasts a lifetime than an esteem which unconsciously prizes on her physical beauty.

My jiggling, jitterbugging fat body has taught me some valuable life lessons. I learnt how not to let society dictate what I eat, how to spot a sincere prospective boyfriend and how to believe in myself. By not letting my mother’s snide jibes or the skinny celebrities persuade me to be something I am not, I’ve discovered that some good can come out of being fat.

The first draft of this essay, which is a different essay altogether

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Comments on: "Who likes being fat?" (4)

  1. i am fat too and i have always had a low confidence in myself because of my size. your essay has inspired me to look at myself more postively. thanx

    sulz: you, in turn, have encouraged self to write more about this issue. thank you for the comment! 🙂

  2. i am also fat and this say encouraaged me to think better of my self

    sulz: wow, thanks! remember this post the next time you feel blue about your body, okay? 🙂

  3. this is extremely unhealthy

    sulz: as opposed to?

  4. thinandhealthy said:

    u fucking fat bitch…..u suk…..hell as if any guy wud turn back 2 take a second glance 2 luk at ur fat ass…..i gues da reason u wrote dis essay iz 2 make ur self feel betar abt being fat n ugly n soo unlike ur thin friends…..deep down i gues u;re jus fuck jealous!! bitch!!!

    sulz: geez, don’t get your size xs panties in a twist over my fat ass opinion! i don’t think you read my other essay about how i extol the virtues of thinness.

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