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Fuck fuck fuckety fuck.

Have to get the presentation right this time. Because screwed up the last one.

But bloody hell, when it comes to drawing lots, am always picking either the hardest or the least interesting ones.

One more time, fuck fuck fuckety fuck.

Am not crumbling under pressure. Just… releasing pent-up frustration.

Of course it will be ready by Wednesday.

If the lecturer replies the emergency e-mail by Monday.


Just woke up from a dream where was socialising with some classmates and keep excusing self to call project partner on handphone to discuss presentation dilemma.

Confirmed stressed out already.

Comments on: "You don’t handle pressure well, do you?" (1)

  1. timethief said:

    I have been catching spammers on the forum and turning them in by feedback at the rate of between 2-4 every evening for several evenings in a row. If you open a post on the forum and see I have entered a small “s” it means I have checked them out and reported them as a spammer. There are currently 2 spammers on the forum right now.

    sulz: oh, that’s what the s is for. but there was one which sounded like a genuine question. how do you know if it’s a spammer?

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