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This girl just did. But it was only one language class, so it’s not that big a hooky.

She bought:

  1. one pair of totally unnecessary denim sharp-toed pumps with green floral appliqué at each side. She calls it future investment (for when start working in two years’ time). Traces of Becky Bloomwood, anyone? They also function as emergency confidence booster. How else can a girl look and feel taller, sexier, more empowered than with some kickass heels?
  2. one pair of Paris Hilton bug-eyed sunglasses because she thinks it looks very posh. Even though she bought a total cheapo one, hence posh factor is somewhat compromised.
  3. two pairs of undies because she had a RM20 discount if she buys more than RM50. So technically this is saving money, value buy. Panties stock for the year is more than adequate now.
  4. one pair of cheapo flip-flops because her current straw ‘flops are disintegrating at an alarming rate. Therefore, this purchase is a necessity.
  5. three t-shirts. Two for college, one for D’s Xmas present. (We’re not Christian, but D likes to think he’s Catholic even though he hasn’t stepped into a church for yonks; it’s a tradition we keep up in honour of the commercialisation of it all.) They were cheap, is the only defense she can come up with. Like do you know how hard it is to find something cheap and nice? She rests her case. Furthermore, she is probably saving money by buying D’s present now because that way she will not fall into the trap of hasty, costly Xmas purchases just because she procrastinated in her Xmas shopping.

You can’t don’t want to emulate this delusional wise, thrifty shopper!

p.s. Read tomorrow’s post about her Proficiency class project: interviewing 3R personality and co-creator of Gol & Gincu, Rafidah Abdullah.


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