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Am feeling very happy and annoyed at the same time.

Happy because Ms K was soooo nice to help self in a class am having difficulties in. She tutored self for over an hour for an essay assignment for another class even though am not her student. Am more much confident to tackle the essay now, with all her pointers and help. She’s just angelic!

Annoyed because two classmates in that class did not come for this tutorial because god-knows-why. Hello, personally self think you need more help in this than self and yet you take such an uncommitted attitude towards a one-hour tutorial that would help you massively in your essays. She willingly gave up one hour of her time to help us with our essays, is it so hard for you guys to do the same for your own selves? If self got so much out of that one-hour tutorial, imagine how much more you could have gotten. Either you have a terrifically nonchalant attitude towards your studies, or you have highly misguided priorities, or you are awesomely delusional about your analytical abilities in that class.

Don’t bloody expect self to help you in your essays.

p.s. Note: buy thank-you card for Ms K.

p.p.s Hmmph. One some more innocently asked for notes. Sometimes these people are so insensitive, thinking self don’t mind just because self don’t reveal am holding a grudge against them. How do you feel if you went to a tutorial alone with a lecturer? It’s damn awkward, okay? As nice as Ms K is, her effort would really be more worthwhile if she could have taught three people instead of one, wouldn’t it? Some more can say want to ask Ms K after the holidays for another tutorial session! Some people really can be so thoughtlessly DUMB. You think she so free to repeat whatever she taught today ah? She is not your lecturer for the class, okay. Your own bloody fault la you think that the other class assignment is more important than this, but in the end you did way TOO MUCH for it, which self doubt would earn you extra marks for all your fancy efforts.

p.p.p.s Self realise am sounding like am in need of anger management courses, but please keep in mind that this is a punching bag post, hence all anger is truly released here, and therefore can look at people who self bitched with a sincere smile the next day because all exasperation and hurt feelings are disposed of here.

Comments on: "How can some people be so blasé about their studies?" (1)

  1. Bellicose – the perfect word, eh? I say to hell with the anger management courseidea. You’re far too polite or is it repressed? I recommend a kickboxing class. Who knows you may be able to really let go and love kcking the shit out of a bag you can imagine various faces on. Yep. I’ve definitely got to teach you how to howl and kickbox, little one. 😉

    sulz: each time receive a comment on a ranting / bitching post, the heart thuds a little faster until self realise it’s only you 🙂 and not the ranted person! lol, does the word of the day read the blog too and come up with such a perfect adjective to learn? self admit can be the typical discreet malaysian who does not tell people off frankly when they need it and sometimes admire others who are not afraid to. and yes, self could definitely do with some physical tension-releasing tips.

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