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How many masks do you have?

1. The Home Mask
Often moody and quiet. Huddles in the corner where her computer is situated for intermittent periods. When spoken to, emits hmmphs and grunts to indicate in the affirmative or the negative respectively.

2. The College Mask
A wallflower; very, very quiet to the point of virtual nonexistence. Most uneasy when required to do presentations; watch her hands tremble when she’s presenting. Occasionally she comes out of her shell and makes small talk with fellow classmates, of which certain topics can prompt her into revealing hidden passion that makes her voice louder than usual. Somewhat the loner who doesn’t stay back after class to socialise.

3. The Close Friend Mask
Bubbly, confident motormouth. Starts spewing witty and bawdy remarks for friends’ enjoyment.

4. The Blogger Mask
Comes across as bitchy, full of angst, vulgar, bimbotic (read posts here), manic and inferior.

5. The Stranger Mask
A tongue-tied, unimpressive bumbling mumbling idiot when meeting new people. Timidity may come off as snobbishness, which is so far from the truth.

6. The Lover Mask
Flirtatious, nonchalant, coy, aloof, friendly, shy all at once.

Though they are referred to as masks, self don’t really feel like am putting something on or being somebody else when am around different people. These masks are really just different facets of self’s personality. Neither one is more ‘real’ than the other. They are all self. Self am all that.

Comments on: "How many masks do you have?" (3)

  1. It’s been a while since I thought about masks… I think it’s better to have several dimensions like this than being the same all the time. Obnoxious people are always the same…

    I like your pictural links concept… Now I’m kiwi slices, is it a promotion or a demotion ? 😉

    sulz: so true about obnoxious people. it’s neither, can’t you tell self want to colour coordinate? reddish tone, yellowish tone, reddish tone, yellowish/greenish tone… 😀

  2. Ah, Martha Stewart would be proud… 😛

  3. Since I turned my back on the church but not the teachings of Jesus I have not worn a mask. From time to time I have found myself struggling to remove a veil or two that threatens to cover up the real me but generally speaking who I am, what I think and how I feel is pretty plainly seen by all. In fact if anything I’m far too naked for most to the masked masses to “take to”. I also have an inclination to unmask others when they try to con me.

    sulz: the naked coyote, hmm… the naked canadian coyote – now there’s a nice ring to it. 😆

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