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In a local news, an SMS poll was ran, asking if the videotape of Steve Irwin’s death should be made public. The result: two-thirds said yes, one-third no.

The first reaction self had was appall. It’s morbid to watch anyone die, like really die, what more someone as well-loved as the Crocodile Hunter. This is almost voyeurism.

No, it is.

Then think, if self’s death was videotaped would self want anyone to watch it? Don’t even believe anyone who knows self would want to. Would self want to watch a video of a friend’s death? No fucking way! The emotional trauma would probably give unconsolable nightmares.

Would self want to watch the death of a stranger, but a stranger known to self like Steve Irwin? The instinctive reaction is, “Why not?” but when really think about it, this video is NOT some fictional character on tv. It is not Crocodile Hunter killed in action. It would be the death of someone real and someone loved and someone with a soul. How can you watch the death of someone real?

But think again from another perspective. If you were Steve Irwin, would you mind showing the video of your own death to millions of fans and macabre voyeurs around the world? After all, many have said he had died doing what he loved best. Died as he had lived, a headline called it. Maybe the showman in him wouldn’t mind, would be proud of the way he went.

But there’s another side of Steve Irwin we don’t see. The Steve Irwin who is not the crocodile hunter; the Steve Irwin who is a husband, a father, a son, a man with principles and passion and a serious side.

Maybe that serious side would make him turn in his grave if the video of his death was made public.

p.s. Just saw the news where Bob Irwin, Steve’s father, said he wouldn’t have wanted a state funeral.

Comments on: "Would you have the heart to watch?" (3)

  1. I think the main thing is what his family wants. I’m pretty sure Irwin spoke about it with his relatives because of the nature of the job.

    Would I like to see it ? Nope.

    But Irwin’s death won’t change the voyeurism of our societies…

  2. “The first reaction self had was appall. It’s morbid to watch anyone die, like really die, what more someone as well-loved as the Crocodile Hunter. This is almost voyeurism.”

    So, I take it you never watch films (movies) 😉 All those wonderful and not so wonderful blockbusters where the baddies get killed and the good guys get to… come back for another starring role. OK, so you say it’s because this is a real person. True.

    For that reason I wouldn’t want to see it. But the reason some people like looking at things like that is the sam reason we can’t turn away when we see a bad car crash. Everybody slows down to look because they want to see.

    sulz: ah, but with a car crash there’s always that element of “will he die? please don’t die!” sorry, it’s just too morbid for self. and it’s something probably very personal for his family and friends.

  3. True. Hopefully his family will stay strong and not succumb to the siren calls that ask them to allow the video to be shown, just name their price. Hopefully he had very good insurance policies so that no matter how much money (millions probably) they are offered they can say no, and keep saying no. And hopefully some conniving person doesn’t manage to air the video over the Internet…

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