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What do you really look like?

When we read anonymous blogs, we unconsciously form this preconceived notion of how the blogger might look like. A blogger with a cute, feminine handle might connote someone blonde and cute and bubbly and… perky. Or a masculine handle might connote someone male but in actual fact is really a female.

Lest you start having preconceived notion of how self look like, self will try to describe how self am physically.

Five feet one. Somewhat tanned, naturally. Chinese. Long, straight charcoal black hair with sweep-away bangs. Brown eyes of average size. Small nose. Small hands. Small feet. Am precariously tipping the scales somewhere near 60 kilogrammes, which is a lot for self’s height. So make no delusions – am pretty overweight; don’t think am those type of girls who think as long as they can pinch some fat from their stomachs it confirms their worst bodily fears. High cheekbones which are overshadowed by puffy cheeks. Normal boobs, neither too small nor too large. If you had read this post, you’d know self have a heart-shaped birthmark on the right knee. Contacts sometimes, glasses sometimes.

Self have left out two significant physical features so as to keep anonymity should someone who knows self in real life stumbles upon this blog. Usually wear pants or long skirts, so number of people who knows of heart-shaped birthmark is very few. And fewer who have actually seen it.

How about you? How do you look like?

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  1. 6 feet 2. Caucasian. Short messy brown hair. Brown eyes. Big hands, big feet. About 220 pounds. Does it help ?

    Right now, my big challenge is to find some nice avatar making sense with the comments format where the picture is about 5 mm.

    sulz: now will stop thinking of a reedy, bespectacled nerd. 😛 the avatars shrink your picture – it doesn’t need you to have the exact measurements.

  2. See the bloke in the avatar? Look at the forum one if this one isn’t clear enought.

    That’s me.

    No really.

    Stop laughing!


    sulz: sorta figured that out. you look like you’re deliberately puffing your cheeks, though it’s nice to have a proper face in mind when reading your posts. 🙂 but what about your physical attributes from neck below?

  3. 5’11”.
    very pale, a natural blonde but dyes her hair chestnut brown.
    light blue almond shaped eyes.
    big hands, big feet.
    high cheekbones, long legs, small nose, small mouth.
    I don’t really have any curves, I’m more like a tomboy. Not nicole richie-thin and not overweight. I’m pretty average.

    i’ve heard from different people i look a little like uma thurman, but with softer, more feminine features. that’s how much i can describe myself without showing a picture, haha.

    sulz: uma’s sexy… 😉

    asians are dying to have that blonde hair, blue-eyed look and when you do have it, you go colour your hair brown… 0_o

    and of course, the caucasians are dying to have that tanned look asians have too (while asians chalk up more sales in the million-dollar industry of whitening creams).

  4. six foot 2, trimmed down to 185 lbs.
    athletic without a six pack.
    caucasian with spanish detailings [i am a mutt out of ireland and northern europe but often mistaken for a spanaird.]
    goatee, occasional glasses, a pair of hearing aids,
    ten fingers and ten toes.

    that’s enough for now. nice blogs you got there.

    sulz: it’s good to know you have the usual amount of toes and fingers. *wryly* this is technically self’s second direct contact with a hearing-impaired person. the first was self’s neighbours, a family of four, all deaf. every time self went to their house to watch tv, would be annoyed because have to turn the volume dial louder (don’t be mad, was only four at the time). 😛 thank you, hope you’ll come back soon then.

  5. 5 feet 8. 76 kilograms. Dark, though the sun can give me a tan. Chubby, pinchable cheeks, which can’t exactly be called ‘puffed up’. A uniform deposition of fat all over body. Wear glasses. Am not particularly good looking, but it’s fair enought to say am somewhat cute.

    sulz: heh, at least someone’s not short of confidence. 😉

  6. I am 5’3″, 36-26-38, skin the color of rich cocoa, shoulder length black hair in a ponytail,
    delicate featured with professionally arched brows, almond-shaped brown eyes, full lips. I wear mascara, lip gloss, and tinted moisturizer.
    Girl next door cute, look a decade younger than I am (40) not according to me, though. But I guess I don’t dress or act like the typical “middle aged” woman and I’m petite and innocent looking. I have manicured nails and I’m wearing a huge, pear shaped silver lapis ring on my index finger.

  7. 5’3, look shorter than I am. 51 Kg. Small hands, small mouth, small feet, small boobs. Long, messy, curly dark brown hair, that I straighten because I can’t stand it otherwise; dark brown eyes, skin that is pale but not ghost like or anything. Don’t usually wear make up.

    I’m hispanic but seeing as I live in colombia and I’m always among hispanic people I don’t know how hispanic I really look.


    sulz: you sound like a cute girl. 🙂 am sure you look as hispanic as self look asian, haha.

  8. 5’5″ half caucasian half black
    dark brown hair, although in the summer it gets lighter, 155lbs. I do have big boobs but I hate them.

    Small hands and feet, small facial features i guess.

    Um… I have brown eyes and most people when they first meet me think I’m asain which I’m not.

    And I have a heart shaped birthmark actually on my arm. Kinda ironic, I don’t have luck in relationships…at all.

  9. me’s iz 5’9 almost. skin the colour of cinnamon. long dark hair. big brown eyes, Small nose, Full mouth.long legs, skinny waist, boobs..perfect for me’s body…neither too big nor too small. nice round ass.. feet little on the small side, fingers long and pretty. Hm..kinda cute, kinda pretty, sometimes really ugly 🙂 depends on me’s mood.

  10. Im a female, 5’6, 120 lbs, aries, thanks to my parents i have a great metabolism and muscle tone even tho i dont work out -and im 30 yrs old. I have long toes and long fingers with a heart shaped birthmark on the heel of my right foot . Blonde hair blue eyes – italian and polish desent. Would like to find any meaning (if at all) to the location of my birthmark!

  11. Sulz, all this time I never knew you were Chinese! Rock on!!!!! You might say I have an affinity for such women being as that I married one that absolutely took my heart (and now have an adorable mixed-race 3 year old son).

    Anyhow, just wanted to stop by and check out your blog and say hi since we chat from time to time in the forums. I’ll try and make a point to stop by and comment whenever I can to help promote your blog.

    sulz: of course, chinese women are gorgeous! 😉 where is your wife from? and bet your son looks incredibly gorgeous too; them mixed-race kids always seem to get the best genes from what ethnic blood they inherit!

    well, hi back and thank you for stopping by! 😀

  12. oops – should’ve apparently described myself since that’s what the other posters did:

    This may astound many, but I look nothing like the horse avatar I so proudly display. I can only wish I was as attractive as Curlin. In all honesty, I’m 5 ft 10, roughly 225 pounds and caucasion. I used to be a defensive tackle when I played football, so I do have some extra poundage these days thanks to my sedintary “office cubicle” existence, more’s the pitty.

    Some folks insist I look like the “king of queens” – but I’m not as rotund as Kevin James. I’ve had other people say I look like Bruce Willis, but I think they are nuts. I just keep my hair short as I have almost my whole life. Grew up in a military family and always enjoyed the close shave, although these days I tend to grow stubble on my face and refuse to clean-shave it as some sort of rebellious statement. Exactly what I’m rebelling against I haven’t quite figured out yet.

    sulz: hey, kevin james is kind of cute… for a fatty. :mrgreen: *said in a jokey way and not offensively, seeing as she’s one herself*

    your stubble could be because you have so little hair on the top, so you’re balancing it out at the bottom. haha! 😛

  13. Old guy. 6′-0″ and tipping the scales at about 265 pounds (what that is in kilograms, I haven’t the foggiest). Fat and old–well beyond his prime, appearance wise. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and leaving a post.

    sulz: sounds like santa claus to me. 😛 no problem, thank you for returning the favour! 🙂

  14. Oh my god…just saw this on the “my comments” page in wp dashboard. Look a couple of replies above. It’s my first comment on your blog! 🙂

    December 18….two months ago today! 🙂

    sulz: really? my, how time flies when you’re having fun! 😉 and you’ve made great strides within such a short time too!

  15. Black-haired, petite (165cm). While living in Europe, used to be mistaken for an Indian or South-American gal, never for a Malagasy (from Madagascar) “where is that anyway ?”).
    Long fingers, long toes (considering my height). Weight: slightly trimmed down but haven’t reached my ideal weight yet. Anyway, I’m a sportswoman, would never be a size 6. lol
    Large back (those years dedicated to swimming), muscular calves (what can I say ? those years of tennnis!)
    Cute ? With tens of kilos on, I was still “cute”. Now, I pass for “beautiful” (those words are not from me & considering the flaws I know of myself, would never say that… lol).
    Dark dark eyes. Wear contacts and shades (not the Nicole Ritchie big shades though).
    Almost sunscreened everyday. 🙂

    sulz: not as petite as me! but i’m sure you’re cute in a beautiful way. 🙂

  16. Been going through your blog. Interesting! Somehow when I read any blogs…without a pic to go with; I do not imagine how the person looks like at all! Does it make a difference? In fact for a long time, I used to comment as “anonymous” Just recently took to using part of my name 🙂
    Though when I do see a pic or an elaborate about me section, I feel like I know the person better and relate better. Will I ever do that? Nope! At least not right now.
    I tried to get to the pic page…failed…will try but then as I have written does not really matter. Though, my other sense wants to 😀 😉 So, help! 😀

    sulz: thank you! i hope you’ll come back again. 🙂 do you have a blog?

    clue: the post is in year 2006. 😉 if that doesn’t help, e-mail me and i’ll give you the password.

  17. I do blog…at
    Will give a try again and then get back 🙂

  18. 5’2. 105 lbs. blonde hair, dark brown eyes (kinda black), olive skin tone, skinny waist, really muscular legs, tiny feet, sorta small hips, small nose, little kid hands, italiann!!

    sulz: you sound like a hot petite ragazza. 🙂

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