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Self’s first hair perm.

Don’t worry, it’s just curls at the lower half of hair.

Looks weird.

But it is the first time.

Am slowly, slowly liking it. Despite the dry, brittle hair. And smelly chemicals. And suffering 4 hours of waiting. Because it only costs half the price from the normal rate at hair salons.


Hair perm virgin no more.


The next day

Hate stinking poofy hair now.

After wash hair, the curls are gone, replaced by nightmarish poofy frizz.

Instead of the mother’s fashion logic of bigger hair makes fatter face smaller, this afro-lookalike does not do such, but highlights self’s moonface more than ever.

Now look like the mother 15 years ago. Gah!!!


The next next day

Now look like a bloody lion.


NGAUM! *roars*

Comments on: "What have you done to your hair??" (2)

  1. SHEESH – I really don’t know what to say. I’m such a vain person that this bad hair story makes me shudder. You’ll know what I mean by vain when you read my new post at

    I’m wonderong: How long is it? If it is of some length and you really hate it then because it’s only frizzy on the ends you could cut it shorter and be rid of the poodle part.

    On the other hand, if you can’t see your way to cutting it I suppose you could look into de-frizzifying hair care products to tame the “do. Lastly, if you can’t bring yourself to cut it then you could buy a variety of hats. 🙂

    sulz: long hair is self’s security blanket, so cutting is unthinkable. it looks cute in pigtails, though.

    hmm, why are you shifting to daria? sick of wordpress? 🙂

  2. Ahem… I was born under the sign of the lioness and queen of the jungle. For most of my life my long thick hair was also my security blanket but not now. It’s very short and I like it.

    Anyway I’m glad to hear that you look cute in pigtails. That means you have long enough hair for ponytails, buns, french rolls or whatever. So buy some expensive hair care products and you’ll be able to tame the new “look”.

    Actually all I shifted to was my personal blog (coyote). I left my environmental/political blog here (timethief) and also my blogging blog (bloggersblurt) . I was attracted to some of the features at (forum, polls, music player) and I thought those features would be most suited to my personal blog. I also like the autumn leaves and freshy themes which aren’t available at wordpress. The autumn leaves one is avaiable at now and freshy will be in the future.

    Interestingly enough we have both changed our themes to the same one. This is the theme I have had my timethief blog in since yesterday.

    You know if you don’t mind me saying so I’ve always thought that Asian people have such beautiful shiny straight black hair that they should leave it alone. I can’t understand why you would choose to have a perm in the first place but I guess your ace card in the whole is that it will grow out and be straight again.

    Take good care until we speak again.

    sulz; you, self and britgirl are using the same theme! a bit like three women wearing the same outfit, but not quite. 😛 self stink at using hair care products as always tend to put too much gel or spray or whatnot; fashion is more self’s forte. your new blog looks good, it’s a refreshing change from regulus. *thumbs up*

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