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Fuck them lewd, unworthy, disgusting men.


All she did was wait at the traffic light in her trusty green coupé.

Her top was not the most revealing of cleavages. Besides, the seat belt would surely hamper the view of any cleavage whatsoever.

But these Indian men stare at her from their company lorry anyway with that repulsive glint in their eyes.

No, a dirty look at their direction did not deter them. Perhaps it was motivation for them to attempt to intimidate and make a sexual object out of her.

She feels so fucking enraged that she cannot do anything at the time. To beat the red light would show that she was so intimidated that she was willing to commit a traffic offence. But to stay as she had done only gave them pleasure of using her as a sad soft-porn-on-the-job equivalent.

It’s so easy to say nobody can make you feel the way you do except yourself. So if you’re being raped, you can feel like you enjoy it if you make yourself feel so? It’s a harsh comparison, but see the rationale behind that.


If you think this girl is racist, fuck it, she can’t change your mind and she won’t.

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Comments on: "Why must she be some kind of pseudo-sexual gratification for contemptible men?" (10)

  1. We men should always have black glasses when we want to stare at some woman…

    sulz: Black glasses do not hide the way your head follows the direction of the boobs…

  2. Yeah, the guy has to pretend to look somewhere by keeping his head at a proper direction while the hidden eyes are on the case…

    Maybe I should be a staring trainer…

  3. Hey – It’s not just Indian men that do it!

    sulz: no, of course not – it’s referring to those bastards who did it to self.

  4. Do you think it’s bad to look there or only when you stare for a while ?

    sulz: as said in other related post, if you stare a short while the girl shouldn’t feel offended, because it’s really sort of a compliment to be stared at, in a gentlemanly manner. when you look more than 3 seconds, you’re ogling, and it makes her feel used and cheap and disgusting for wearing a top that celebrates her curves.

  5. Hum, 3 seconds leaves plenty of time… 😉

    sulz: perv. 😛

  6. It’s strange sometimes that 3 seconds is long enough to lose interest on someone from the opposite sex. Hum-cool-nah. I call them 3 seconds women. A lot better than the 0 seconds people (ugly ones :P)

    sulz: hmmph, do you realise how shallow your comment sounds?

  7. Yes, this is definately a shallow comment… When you see someone in the street, his/her image is the only thing you’ll have… This is the curse of big cities…

    sulz: you have a point there.

  8. Ahem… plus if I’m getting bored so fast it means I’m not very shallow. Some people last 10 years with someone because of his/her look… I don’t have this shallow-endurance…

  9. sulz, you talk of celebrating curves! what are you?!? some porn model? you slut! either men look at your “curves” or they don’t. if it shouldn’t be seen don’t show it, and men don’t look at it. the world is sex-crazed, with women exhibiting themselves and men ogling at even women who are clothed. it’s not just men that are doing wrong. you tart! and john, your views are perverted.

    sulz: LOL!!!

  10. re comments on big city – well, don’t stare, learn not to place so much importance on the outward appearance. learn to look for their character, i.e. is this girl sweet and gentle, is she polite, does she dress modest and tidily? Is this guy concerned about girls or just wanted another kick, is he protective, is he friendly, is he hardworking? It takes time, but when you find a girl that is such a nice character well, then you fall in love, not fall into lust! When you like a girl primarily for the right reasons, it does not matter if you like her secondarily for her “curves”.

    john: When you see someone in the street, his/her image is the only thing you’ll have… This is the curse of big cities…

    sulz: you have a point there.

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