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Hands down, would want the ability to be invisible for obvious reasons.

People couldn’t look at self, which would be fantastic because would spend less time fussing about what to wear.

Could look at others though, which would be fucking fantastic because am a closet voyeur and would love to shamelessly ogle really good-looking people. Yes, self like to look at girls too, but don’t think am having any sexual tendencies leaning towards the feminine.

Could eavesdrop on others, which is probably the best thing one could do with this superpower, because imagine how much you can learn about what you’re not supposed to know!

It’s probably the best kind of superpower; your enemy can never see where you are if you’re invisible.

p.s. Sorry, it’s a pretty lame post by self’s standard, but am really suffering from bloglessness. And the ironic part is, there are about a dozen future posts in the other blog, maybe because the imposed minimal one-post-every-other-day triggered a blogging frenzy there.

Comments on: "What superpower ability would you want to have?" (7)

  1. I do a lot of superpowers daydreaming… I think I prefer dreaming about impossible things. I really like the seduction superpower, being able to seduce whoever I want…

    sulz: haha, what nonsense! never heard of a seduction superpower, how does it really work?

  2. I’ve always asked my friends, if you can be one of the X-men, who would you want to be? And I’d always want to be Magneto (tacky helmet and age aside), if not Mystique. I guess those are really “useful” powers that can achieve things. Oh well.

    sulz: love mystique’s powers! and god did self adored looking at that hunky angel and his wings…

  3. Well… I would be fun if I could make any girl want me or love my by a finger snap. Like: I want to buy a car. The girl tries to sell me some model. Snap, she says I can borrow any car for as long as I want.

    Against some angry man, it wouldn’t be pretty effective. I could avoid getting hurt but I would have to accept being kissed.

    sulz: you know, do believe some guys are already blessed with such abilities. how else can you hear stories about girls doing anything for the guy and getting screwed (in more ways than one) in the end?

  4. Being invisible would be harder than you might think. While invisible people would keep bumping into you, and it would eventually annoy the hell out of you. You would hear things that you would prefer not to hear, you would become obsessively paranoid and spy on everybody, you’d lose trust in everybody; it would be a painful superpower to have.
    I would love the Magneto-style control of metals, personally. I hate actually having to touch metals, such as doorknobs and clothes racks, because I get static shocks. Touching metal with my mind would cut that little problem out. I would also make a great traffic cop.

    sulz: know a thing or two about things would prefer not to hear as some people in self’s home do not give two tosses if the person they are bitching about can hear their conversation, so have lots of practice at home without even being invisible. bumping should be a small price to pay for invisibility, but might get annoyed every now and then. am already pretty paranoid and do not confide in anybody because of the lack of trust. it’s the perfect superpower to have!

    would having magneto’s power affect one’s ability to use the computer? surely there are metal parts in it?

  5. I don’t know any superpowered heros who are not dragons in disguise. We dragons are shapeshifters who can become invisible at will. We have cosmic hearing and sight as well as being possessed of the capacity for intergalatic flight. As our psychic powers are without limit we can cause mere mortals to have either nightmares or sweet dreams but, we do excel in doing good deeds for the pure of heart and rescuing the distressed (be they maidens or men). And, all of our many other powers are close kept clan secrets known only to our own kind, and to our shapeshifting coyote cousins. :0 OOOWWoowwooooooo
    P.S. Always remember that if a dragon enters your dreams it’s a very good omen indeed. If you’re interested in dragons and dreams check out

    sulz: man, don’t know what comic books you were reading as a child… 0_o

  6. I had no comic books or tv as a child sulz. Remember I was raised as a bush rat in a cabin on a small island with only my imagination and occasionally itinerant local storytellers to entertain me. When I grew older I got coloured pencils to draw with and younger siblings to tell my stories too. By that time I could already fly hmmm … I think I feel a post about my childhood coming on …oh la … can they handle it [the rainbow dragon wondered aloud]. 😉

  7. Hi, my name is cherish and the super power I think would be the best is to stop time. You know like clock stoppers. Just think of all the things that can be done when no one can do anything about it. So the ability to stop time when ever you wish would be the best. With this you could be invisible all you want, as well as be in control of what ever. Cherish Williams

    sulz: it’ll be very useful when you’re about to experience a totally publicly humilating moment, that’s for sure! thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

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