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In language class today, there’s this phrase in a dialogue:

Gisela: … a mulher de um colega do meu marido. (a wife of a colleague of my husband)

Lecturer says, “It’s a bit silly in this language, because we have to say the wife of the colleague of the… whereas in English you just add the ‘s’ behind the person (to indicate possession).”

Some classmates next to self were trying to give the English equivalent among themselves upon hearing this.

Classmate 1: Oh, yea la, in English it’s just “my husband’s friend”.

Classmate 2: No la, it’s “my husband’s wife”!

Sulz: *bursting out in laughter*

Lecturer: Well, what is so funny? Tell me, I want to laugh too.

And before that, the lecturer returned us our graded compositions, where many took advantage of the fact it was an open-book test. We were to write about one day in our lives, and there was a passage like that in the book, so to keep things simple many copied it right off. As a result, a male classmate wrote in his composition about how he had a husband and children!

Language classes are just a riot.

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