blogging gobbledygook and such

Feel so… maudlin.

Is maudlin the right word?

Yes, yes, barely two posts before have said would not be so self-absorbed in blog, but well, can’t help it. This is to remind self not to be so soft the next time she tries to manipulate self.

Em just finished her screaming bitchfit. The one where she moans about Dee’s hoarding problem and how the world owes her so much they can never repay the debt and that the only person she misses is her other grandchild. And that she will only give all her possessions that said grandchild upon her death.

As in, not this grandchild.

How nice.

Fair enough, she was never self’s favourite relative. Dare self say that self do not even love her?

Self really don’t know.

Comments on: "Not another self-absorbed post?" (1)

  1. Sounds like the typical relative’s guiltfest to me. Parent, Grandparent they’re good at it. Much better than you’ll ever be. Unless, of course, you become a parent. Or a Grandparent.

    sulz: ironic, but true. another reason for self not to have kids and risk morphing into that sort of people.

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