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Yesterday we did a sketch in a language class for our oral test. It was mayhem the half an hour before we were due to perform as we arranged a hasty full-dress rehearsal. Imagine us reading our script like we were catching a train, in a language we’re barely proficient in! Fucking hilarious is the only phrase that does justice to the extent of our hilarity. We laughed till our stomachs ached. Am quite pleased with their commitment to the sketch as self was the one who had to kickstart it, from thinking up the plot and writing the script and showing the direction of the sketch.

Execution was somewhat mediocre in comparison to other groups, but thankfully we went first, and am still satisfied with what we’ve achieved. Besides, am quite confident will get an A for this class, as the test will be *snap fingers* with a little revision.

Edit 20/10/2006: We won third prize for our sketch! This lecturer holds a competition every semester for the sketches between classes and gives prizes for the top three in each category. We won some Portuguese phrasebooks! So unexpected, as we were quite slipshod in our presentation compared to others who went all-out in decorations and stuff. She said that it was our script that was the clincher. And who wrote the script, huh? HUH? 😛

It is the last week of the semester before the festive break and study break. Again, am left with a niggling sense of unaccomplishment. While in the middle of the semester, all self do is whine and whinge about the amount of assignments am shoved up the arse with and how little time to complete it. Now, with almost all assignments passed up, am wondering what have self achieved throughout this semester. Well, let’s make a list of what self have done this semester:

  1. learnt 2 new languages – very good, as it has always been self’s interest to learn more languages, especially european languages.
  2. interviewed a minor celebrity – an invaluable and memorable experience, am glad to have done it despite being disappointed initially.
  3. recited a poem in class – that’s the most artsy fartsy thing self have done this year.
  4. wrote 2 sketches – an enriching experience personally as have always been the wallflower in groups, leaving the bossy know-it-alls to come up with their own fantastic ideas. Am very satisfied with what self’s creativity has come up with, so it is definitely a motivation for self to be more assertive with presenting self’s ideas for future performances.
  5. writing a storybook – deadline extended fortunately, but when done that will be a meaningful accomplishment as it is sort of making wish of publishing self’s book come true.

Do not feel any more mature or wiser or whatever.

Guess that saying about it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters is true. Have not consciously enjoyed the journey, hence am left with a sense of loss.

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