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What do you smell brewing?

Today was reading some of classmates’ blogs.

(Damn, am feeling so bloody paranoid here that said classmates might stumble upon self’s blog and read this. Although self have never left this blog’s url when commenting in their blogs and have lied on numerous occasions when asked if self have a blog, but well, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’d realised self have the makings of a schizophrenic paranoid.)

Anyway, back to the story. One classmate wrote a pretty controversial, opinionated post regarding the social standing of our class in a vague manner (read: no names mentioned). She did make some general opinions about life and relationships, and self commented on that, as well as the personal one she was making.

Then saw this other post on another classmate’s blog, a cutting counteropinion of sorts of former classmate’s post. Self’s heart plummeted as self read on, because am having a dreadful feeling that this might turn ugly. In all likelihood, former classmate would probably not react to latter classmate’s post, because self like to think she does not have that kind of defensive attitude. And after all, she did started it with her post; the vague references must have not been very well disguised to have the latter classmate so provoked into writing a counter-post.

Self am actually not on anybody’s side, but obviously by commenting commending on former classmate’s post would make self pro-former than pro-latter. There have been a lot of social conflicts between our classmates (self included) but it is mostly being swept under the carpet. No confrontations, no heart-to-hearts, just plain ignoring the situation and slowly drifting apart or falling out. But when some people who were so close before started to head off for coffee or such with different friends after class, it’s obvious something went wrong in that relationship. Now self am hoping all this tension and hurt from past relationships would not threaten to explode in the blogosphere.

It can only be a good timing that this happens after the semester is over and with the holidays at hand now. Can one imagine how the tension in class might be in this happen in the beginning or middle of semester?

But we still have one final class to attend today…

This is what you get when you have a class of 90% female students.

p.s. The first blow has already been struck. Strangely, it came from a “guy” (he left an anonymous comment) but the counter-post was really intended against a girl. A case of mistaken identity? A red herring thrown in?

No. Figured it must have been former’s significant other.

Sequel to this post

Comments on: "What do you smell brewing?" (1)

  1. Classroom politics in college provided me with endless entertainment in my college days, better than most of the soap operas showing on TV. I certainly know how you feel, even though I’m a guy.

    Nevertheless, it sucks because college politics are nothing but pointless. Innocent people get hurt, relationships break apart, friendships in tatters and everyone becomes just plain uncomfortable in each other’s presence.

    By the way, very interesting blog you have here! Came by via Lydia Teh’s blog.

    sulz: ah, but it seems like you have not read the continuation of this story in my latest post! cannot agree more regarding class politics; sometimes wonder which is worse, work or school politics!

    thank you 🙂 it’s nice to get good feedback.

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