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You are the victim, huh?


are a bitch.


You cannot take other people’s perspective, you cannot lose in any argument, you cannot be wrong EVER.


are a hypocrite.

All human flaws apply to everybody else except YOU. All others’ mistakes are far worse than the one you’ve committed but refused to admit, even at gunpoint probably.


are a miserable, pathetically insecure old hag. That’s why you cannot let anyone else be happy, you cannot let anyone be correct when it comes to your mistakes, you cannot let bygones be bygones. That’s why you cannot let your family be themselves because they embarrass you so. (Because you know we are very proud of you being a member of this happy little family.)

And most of all, that’s why you have to fan the fires of conflicts in this house. This unhappy, troubled house. Remember, you fan the fires. Not us.

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